All the Home and Tech Items The Latch Team Are Snatching Up in the Click Frenzy Sales

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It’s Click Frenzy time — one of the biggest online sales events of the year in Australia, Click Frenzy is running from Tuesday, May 24 to Thursday, May 26, though many e-tailers stretch the discounts out for longer.

While it’s an incredible chance to score huge savings on homewares, tech, fashion and anything else you fancy buying online, with thousands of deals, it can certainly be overwhelming.

To help you sort through them all and hopefully get some inspiration, we asked our team here at The Latch to share what they’re eyeing and buying. Here’s what they said.

Aere Home Linen Sheet Set, $168 – $217 — Angela Law, Commercial and Shopping Editor

I currently only have one set of good linen sheets, which means when washing day comes around, I have to hustle to get it washed and dried all in one day. Now that the cooler weather has arrived, I’ve decided that enough is enough — it’s time for a second set. I love the Aere Home Linen Sheet Set because the linen has a nice heft to it (basically, it feels luxe) and comes in a huge range of colours, too.

Aere linen

Kogan DIY Smart Shade, $155.98 — Ben Tyers, Managing Editor of Thrillist

In extremely boring news, I was looking at buying the smart roller blind thing from Kogan. I want to set all my blinds to open and close at certain times of the day, and to be able to put them up or down with voice control.

Woll Diamond Lite Detachable Handle Induction Fry Pan 32cm, now $199.97 — Sangeeta Kocharekar, Lifestyle Editor

I have a smaller size of this fry pan, which is fine for when I’m cooking just for myself, but for when I’m cooking for someone else, or cooking for a dinner party, I wanted something bigger. Though this pan is exxy, I know I’ll have it for years.

Kogan Active Pro Deep Muscle Massage Gun, now $58.99 — Angela Law, Commercial and Shopping Editor

Last year, I spent months getting physio on my shoulder after years of intermittent pain. Even though I graduated from my lovely physio months ago, I still miss the weekly pummelling on the muscles in my neck, chest, and shoulder. That’s why I’m finally taking the plunge and buying this deep muscle massage gun as a little treat.

Kogan massage gun

Oodie Weighted Blanket Bundle, now $159 — Ruby Feneley, Beauty Producer

I’ve been meaning to try weighted blankets for ages, but they’re not cheap! The pressure placed on the body by a weighted blanket is thought to trigger a nervous system response that lowers your heart rate and breathing. This is perfect for people who struggle with insomnia (check) and anxiety (check). When my therapist mentioned she uses one, I was sold.

This bundle comes with an Oodie, which I admittedly didn’t know much about — but my home office is freezing and the black version is… kind of chic? We’ll let my housemates be the judge that, but I’m stoked with my purchase anyway.


VALK Volt 36V 250W Folding Electric e-Bike, now $199 — Joel Burrows, News and Culture Writer

I’m now seriously thinking about getting an electric bike. I don’t have a bike at all, I enjoy riding, but I’m too lazy to peddle. I want to go zooms.

Electric Bike



Kalorik Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer, now $89.40 — Nicola Laing, Strategy and Content Manager

I know I am very late to the party, but I am finally ready to try air fryer life. Every time I mention it to a friend who has one, I am bombarded with recipes and ideas like haloumi chips, Nutella brownies, sausage rolls or just an easy way to cook veggies every night. I am spending way too much on Uber Eats at the moment, so I am hoping this makes cooking at home super, super easy.

Air fryer

SodaStream Duo Sparkling Water Machine, now $239.20 — Laura Roscioli, Lifestyle Writer

I’ve been telling myself I need a Sodastream for years! As a lover of bubbly water, having sparkling water on the ready it’s a total MUST, and a money-saver (I buy sparkling water bottles to stock my fridge up every week) and now that it’s on sale with Click Frenzy — the time is now.


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