Yes, I Use Aesop Dog Shampoo to Clean My Makeup Brushes


While most makeup-wearers use dedicated brush cleansers or mild soap, I’ve discovered what I deem to be the best brush cleanser of them all — my only problem is people think it’s weird.

Now, I didn’t think anything of my secret brush cleansing product until it came up in a Slack thread with our editors recently, but when I told my colleagues that I preference dog shampoo above all other products, my admission was met with gaping-mouthed looks of shock and horror, bursts of laughter, and confused questions.

Most common being, “Why on earth would you use dog shampoo when you don’t even have a dog?”. Now, this is what we call a good question. Because if I did have a dog, I’m certain my choices would be questioned a hell of a lot less.

But let the record show I attained my dog shampoo under very normal circumstances during a facial at Aesop in Paddington, and, in fact, it was my facialist who recommended I use the brand’s Animal Wash in this way. And she was right in suggesting I do.

Source: Aesop

Not only does the formula smell amazing with Aesop’s signature botanical notes of lemon rind, tea tree leaf, and spearmint leaf, but it works better than anything else to strip brushes of product build-up without ruining the structural integrity of the bristles — something I can’t say for other brush cleansers I’ve tried in the past.

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense that I would use dog wash! For one, the product is designed for delicate skin and fur to “cleanse gently yet thoroughly”, and under Aesop’s cruelty-free ethos, is tested on humans, making it perfectly safe for contact with human skin.

Though fragrant during sudsing, the wash dries from the brush with little to no smell, and leaves behind only a fresh-feeling, clean bristle that doesn’t absorb makeup on the first use after wash.

Despite being designed for furry friends, this product really is the best in the business. At least I think so, anyway. And at $40 for 500ml, it goes a seriously long way as a brush cleanser.

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