This Bunnings Cleaning Hack Could Save You $2,700


No doubt you’ve gone through a little more spray and wipe than usual in the last few months. And now, one Reddit user has let the internet in on a little secret to a nabbing a seemingly neverending supply of the stuff.

At any regular supermarket, a bottle of spray and wipe will set you back around $4.50 for 500mL. At Bunnings, however, you could buy a 5L bottle of spray and wipe concentrate that makes up to 300L when diluted in water as per its instructions.

Reddit user A_Cat_Named_Frank, who made and posted the discovery, says: “The equivalent volume from Coles would cost you $2,700.” And the cost of the concentrate? Just $27.44.

LPT: Go to bunnings for cleaning supplies. That $30 bottle make up 300 L of Spray and Wipe. The equivalent volume from Coles would cost you $2,700
by inaustralia

The post, entitled ‘Go to Bunnings for Cleaning Supplies’, has garnered some 470 comments from impressed users since it was first posted two days ago.

“You’ll also go through a lot less plastic by reusing a spray bottle. Tremendous life hack from you,” one commenter wrote, with another adding: “Can confirm, have had the exact bottle for four years!”

Of course, you might not always need to be cleaning your home which such harsh chemicals. If you’re cleaning in an effort to protect your home against viruses, then a solution with disinfectant properties is best.

But if you’re simply looking to remove dust and debris from surfaces, then a natural cleaner will do the trick. Head on over to our guide to cleaning your home with naturally with homemade cleaning products from your pantry.

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