You Can Have Clay and Home Pottery Packs Delivered to Your Door


Welcome to our new editorial content series, #HobbiesOverHustle, where we’re encouraging you to pick up or enjoy a hobby just for fun. 

For so long, we’ve been told to turn our hobbies into a side hustle — an opportunity to make more money, become famous, or even grow an Instagram following. But now, while the world is forced to slow down and self-isolate, it might just be the time to find a hobby with only one purpose — to spark joy.

That’s exactly why we launched our new editorial initiative, #HobbiesOverHustle — to encourage you to pick up a new activity that brings happiness and occupies your mind.

We kicked off our new series with a love letter to the latch hook rug, but might we also suggest a spot of at-home pottery?

Source: Crockd

Crockd is a new small Australian business launched in recent weeks with a purpose to “bring people together in this age of loneliness”.

Founded by Gold Coast locals Rosa-Clare Willis and Andrew Ford, the Crockd kits are designed to dirty our hands while clearing the mind, particularly in the current climate, where many Australians are facing stressful challenges and are staying at home.

“It’s all about bringing friends together, getting out of your head and into your hands and having meaningful conversations,” the founders say.

Kits come with enough clay to make two keep cups, instructions and tools, but in a move that deserves applause, Willis and Ford have also included what they’re calling ‘clay-breakers’. Essentially, these are a set of cards with questions to inspire meaningful conversations like: “Name a defining moment in your life” and “Turn to the person next to you… why do you admire them?”.

The kit also comes with a list of kilns around Australia, who can fire your creation once it’s complete.

Clay kits deliver free around Australia and are available to purchase online now. A two-person kit starts at $80, a three-person kit is $100, and a four-person kit is $120.


A second pottery studio based out of Marrickville in Sydney’s inner west is also working to move their workshops online.

Clay Sydney is known for its incredible in-studio classes and courses, but while Australia self-isolates in an effort to flatten the curve and reduce COVID-19 cases, the studio has moved its classes online.

Now, anyone who takes part will be delivered a good chunk of clay, along with an instruction pack and the tools necessary to join in on a live-stream or follow along in a virtual class at a time that suits them.

Of course, as clay creations need to be fired and glazed, the studio has thought of that, too. Once you’re happy with you bowl, mug, jewellery planter, or whatever it is you’ve made, you’ll simply drop off your creation to the studio in a contactless exchange. Once it’s done, you can pick it up and take it home to be admired.

Classes online are $55, and sessions for kids are also being held at $40.

The current health crisis is evolving rapidly. If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

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