3 Classic Cocktail Recipes to Make This Weekend While in Quarantine


This time in isolation has made it challenging to distinguish between days of the week; Monday may as well be Friday, weather is irrelevant, and pants are totally optional as we do our part to stay indoors.

In what now feels like a previous life, many of us would celebrate the end of the week and kickstart the weekend with a tantalising cocktail at the local watering hole after work, but with bars closed to in-house patrons, we’re having to take matters into our own hands.

Fine if you have the equipment and the knowledge of cocktail-making, but many of us aren’t exactly sure where to start. Now, Martell’s French ambassador wants to help you become a mixologist at home (at least for now), with these three classic cocktail recipes, each of which sample the brands delicious Blue Swift 100% VSOP cognac finished in Bourbon casks, and provide common kitchen alternatives for the pieces of cocktail equipment you may not have at home.

“With many of us looking to master something new with our newfound time at home, why not try your hand at mastering cocktails? You don’t need to have all the equipment that’s in your favourite bar to make a great cocktail,” says Thomas Lapeyre, Martell’s French brand ambassador.

“Get the proportions and ratios of ingredients right and embrace some of your own creative flair, and you’ll soon be shaking your way to cocktail success.”

Swift Sour

You will need:

★ 50mL Martell Blue Swift
★ 25mL lemon juice
★ 15mL sugar syrup*
★ Dash of bitters
★ Egg white (optional)
★ Coupe glass

1. Add a handful of ice to a jar or even a protein shake container with a lid.

2. Pour over 50mL of Blue Swift, and if you don’t have a jigger to measure with, use a measuring jug, or 2.5 tablespoons (which is equal to 50mL). Then add 25mL lemon juice or five teaspoons, and 15 mL of sugar syrup* or three teaspoons. Add a dash of bitters. To add some body to the cocktail, separate an egg and add the egg white to the mix (optional).

3. Screw on the container lid on and shake hard. Strain the liquid into your serving glass using a sieve or tea strainer. Ideally, this drink would be served in a beautiful coupe glass, but anything that feels a little bit special to show off your hard work will be great.

*To make sugar syrup, which is also known as a bar or simple syrup, just add one cup of water and one cup of caster sugar to a medium saucepan, stir, and heat to a boil. Once sugar is dissolved remove from heat and allow to cool before using. It can be stored in the fridge ready for your next cocktail! 

Egg white is optional but will create a cocktail with more body.


You will need:

★ 40mL Martell Blue Swift
★ 20mL Triple Sec
★ 20mL lime juice

1. Add a handful of ice to a jar or protein shake container with a lid. Pour over 40mL of Blue Swift, which is two tablespoons if you don’t have a bar jigger at home. Add 20mL each of Triple Sec and lime juice, which is four teaspoons each. Screw on the container lid and give it all a good shake.

2. Use the piece of lime that you’ve just squeezed the juice out of to rub around the rim. Put some salt on a flat plate and place the rim of the glass on top. The lime juice will help the salt stick to the glass.

3. Strain your margarita with a sieve or tea strainer into a cold glass. You can serve straight up or over ice.

A salted rim is always best.

Swift and Tonic

You will need:

★ 50mL Martell Blue Swift
★ Tonic water
★ Lemon peel or Rosemary sprig

1. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour over 50mL or 2.5 tablespoons of Blue Swift over the top.

2. Top up your glass with cold tonic water.

3. Grab your vegetable peeler and take off a long strip of lemon peel. Use your hands to curl the peel and place on top. Alternatively, add a sprig of rosemary for a savoury finish.

Garnish with rosemary for a savoury touch.

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