Feminism at the End of the World: ‘Class of ’07’ Brings the Genre Much-Needed Diversity

Class of 07 cast

The end of the world is not something we would normally associate with comedy, right? Well, the new Australian Amazon Original series, Class of ’07, proves that humour can be found even in the darkest of situations. 

It’s a unique exploration of female friendship and gender dynamics in a survival setting, bringing some much-needed diversity to the genre. The film features Emily Browning as Zoe, Caitlin Stasey as Saskia, and Megan Smart as Amelia, making it an all-female cast with these leading ladies.

Class of 07 cast

The show has been described as a feminist take on Lord of the Flies, and the exploration of gender dynamics in a survival setting is a major theme throughout the series. It’s something Caitlin Stasey loved being a part of. 

“It was really fun because I went to an all-girls school. I’m very much a girl’s girl, I’ve got a sister and I spend a lot of my time with and thinking about women,” she told The Latch

“So it was fun to be part of something that was written by a woman and directed by a woman. It was so specific in so many ways and I think it really honoured a lot of the experiences we have.”

One of the unique aspects of Class of ’07 is how it tackles issues like IUDs and hormone injections in a normalising way. 

The Show Uses Comedy to Tackle Serious Women’s Issues

Megan Smart appreciates the show’s ability to approach intellectual issues with humor and not take itself too seriously.

“It tackles these quite sensitive, quite intellectual issues, it’s important issues in a really irreverent way,” Smart told The Latch.

“That’s what I love so much about the show. It doesn’t take it too seriously. In that way, it’s so relatable and what I love so much about it.”

The show’s humour and irreverent approach to important issues make it a must-watch for anyone looking for a fresh take on the end of the world.

Class of ‘07 premieres March 17th on Amazon Prime Video.

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