What We Missed About Going to The Cinema


With Hoyts cinemas reopening on July 2, we’re ready to dive back into a world of reclining chairs, the smell of buttery popcorn and a seriously good movie.

Cinema-goers use the time to escape to a time gone by, magical world’s with mythical creatures and even live the lives of others before them.

But what is it about the cinema that is just so compelling?

Is it the cinema experience itself? Or is it the escapism that comes with it? And what about the anticipation of an exciting new feature coming out?

We break down — with the help of some movie buffs — what we missed most about going to the cinema.

The entire cinema experience

We surveyed a group of movie buffs who told us what they missed about the cinema experience. In short, it was everything.

While coronavirus had us sitting at home watching films from our laptops, the whole experience of watching a movie is completely different at the cinemas.

Sure, you can buy some unpopped buttery popcorn from the grocery store and mix it with some Maltesers, but is store-bought popcorn ever the same?

At the cinemas, there are choc-tops, lollies, a deluxe food menu, scrumptious soft-drinks and the buttery goodness of movie-made popcorn.

Then, arms full of goodies, you find your seat, only to be greeted with the best part — the big screen, surround sound, reclining chairs, and a darkened room. Bliss.

Going to the movies isn’t just about the film, it’s also about who you go with. I mean, have you really ever dated someone if you haven’t gone to see a movie at the cinema? Even though you are in a room full of strangers, it still feels intimate because really, they are all there for the same reason as you.

But the best thing of all? Phones off, with no distraction from the outside world. Love it.

You can have the experience of watching a film where it belongs

Some films are just meant for the big screen and some films, are just meant for those who line up at midnight, dressed in a superhero costume, waiting for the first session of the most highly-anticipated movie of the year.

While we live in an era of streaming, it’s hardly the same as seeing visuals on the big screen. Can you imagine watching Avatar for the first time on your phone?

One of my earliest memories is watching movies at the cinema with Dolby surround sound. Planes flying behind your head, the sound of rain falling on top of you — nothing beats feeling like you’re really there, experiencing the entire story along with the characters.

The cinema is an escape from what’s going on outside

Some cinema lovers love the idea of being able to leave life and reality at the door. With the ever-evolving world (hello, 2020), movie-goers can leave everything behind.

Phones off. Feet up. Sigh of relief.

Whatever is going on in your life can wait two hours.

The anticipation of a blockbuster film coming out

If you’re a movie-buff, the anticipation of a new film coming out is just as exciting as watching the film itself.

You’ve seen the trailers, you’ve read every article and you’ve studied the actor’s IMDB page — you are now ready for it to be released.

Of course, 2020 promised to be the year of some of the most highly-anticipated films. From the newest instalment of James Bond, No Time to Die, to Christopher’s Nolan’s Tenet, Disney’s live-action remake Mulan, the battle between good and evil in Wonder Woman: 1984 and the origin story of Natasha Romanoff in the Marvel Cinema Universe’s (MCU), Black Widow.

Now, that the cinemas have re-opened, you can sit back, relax, watch the film you’ve been waiting for and wind down at the movies.

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