Christmas Gifts Your Friends, Family and Acquaintances Will Actually Use

Christmas gifts

Now that we’re officially in December, and with the frenzy that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday over, we can finally, calmly, look at our Christmas gifting list. While you might’ve managed to score some bargains in the sales (lucky you) and can cross those gift recipients (lucky them) off your list, you might suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with everyone else you still have to buy presents for.

This is where this handy guide comes in. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas gifts to get that’ll suit everyone from the colleague you barely know, but feel like you should get something for, to your aunt, who has, honestly, everything. And, even better, there’s something to suit every budget.

Gifts Under $50


You really can’t go wrong getting someone a candle. Sure, they might seem ‘done’, but they’re done and done again, for a reason — they really do make for great gifts. To make it a less generic gift, however, opt for a Christmas candle like CIRCA Raspberry & Rhubarb or Gingerbread Cookies, both $44.95, or a Palm Beach Passionfruit Pavlova, also $44.95, which also comes as hanging bauble, $14.96.

CIRCA Candle


Quality bakeware is a staple in every kitchen so gift someone a piece like this Wiltshire Enamel Brownie Pan, $32, which they can use for baking brownies that are dense, fudgey or cakey. It has a double-coated porcelain finish and hand-painted rim, and comes with a three-year guarantee. If they’re more into savoury cooking, get them the Wiltshire Enamel Baking Tray, $31.



Gifts $50-$100

Mens’ Underwear

Most men in the world could do with some new pairs of underwear, whether they’ll admit that or not. Not only is Nike Underwear, 3-pack for $60, super comfortable, but they’re also made with sustainability in mind. Nike’s journey toward zero carbon and zero waste aims to help protect the future of sport against climate change.

Nike Underwear

Pool Slides

Everyone on your list will use a pair of pool slides, even if they’re just for wearing around the house. This unisex pair from Calvin Klein, Institutional Logo Slides, $79.95, has a cotton canvas upper with a jersey lining, making them comfy enough to wear all day.

Bottled Cocktails

Alcohol gift sets generally make for great gifts, particularly if you know what type of drink your giftee usually goes for. If it’s cocktails that’s their drink of choice, gift them this De Luxe Collection by Everleigh Bottling Co., $89, which comes with four 90ml bottled cocktails, Rosita, Vesper, Bobby Burns No.3 and Rum Old Fashioned, housed in a leatherette gift box.

Or, opt for this 3-pack by Tiny’s, $54. Each 95ml bottle, featuring the likes of Espresso Martini, Old Fashioned and French Martini, is blended at its cocktail bar venue in Sydney CBD.

Indoor Plant

A gift someone’s unlikely to toss and that they’re likely to have for years (provided they don’t kill it) is an indoor plant. And who doesn’t love more greenery in their home? This Fig&Bloom Ficus Elastica Burgundy, $60, which comes in a sleek, matte pink pot, is virtually impossible to kill so a good option for a busy giftee, while this Chinese Money Plant, $65, which comes in a gold pot, is eye-catching. They deliver around the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane areas.


For anyone who’s into entertaining or even just someone you know who loves being at home, don’t look past chic coasters as a gift. Homewares brand Offcut has a range of stone and marble coasters, starting at $35 each. And while you can buy multiple to work as coasters, even just one piece alone, like this Zefrou, $40, is a great gift as it can sit underneath a candle or sit on top of a coffee table book as décor.

Gifts $100-$300

Wireless Headphones

Though you might want to check whether or not your giftee has a pair first, wireless headphones are another great gift idea. Because if they don’t already have a pair, most likely they have no idea what they’re missing out on and really how much easier taking a call or listening to music while on the go can be. These new Echo Buds, which work with Alexa technology, are an affordable $129.

Echo Buds

Personal Air Cooler

This’ll come in handy for a giftee in summer: a personal cooler. Though, being quite a practical gift, it’s not one for everyone. But if you have noticed someone close to you complaining about hot nights, or even just about a stuffy house, an evaCHILL by Evapolar, $149, might just be the perfect gift to get them. It’s got a handle so it’s easy to carry around and can be powered by a power bank, wall socket or even a laptop.

Gifts $$300+

Quality Sheet Sets

For the special someone who loves long-lasting, special things, get them a set of quality sheets, like these from Koala Le Linen Sheet Set, $330, Made from French flax, they’ll keep you cool and dry on hot nights, not to mention they get better with age. Plus, the French flax gives them a luxurious-looking drape look that a bed just wouldn’t get with ordinary sheets.

Koala sheet set

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