A Few Things to Consider When Buying a New Mattress

Buying a new mattress is a big commitment — and it’s one we take very seriously. Getting a good sleep sets you up for a productive and pain-free day, so choosing the right one for you is important.

Buying a mattress can be daunting and with so many options, it can be hard to know which one is going to deliver that coveted comfortable slumber to revitalise your mind and body overnight.

Sorting through the choices out there and navigating the shops and websites can leave even the savviest shopper feeling like they need a nap. Considering we spend an entire third of our life(!) sleeping, this is one decision you’ll want to go into with both eyes open, so to speak.

In short: sleep should be effortless and something you actually look forward to. Ibe such company that could help you skip the stress, is OMF, a company that’s challenging the market with great mattresses at reasonable prices. To sweeten the deal, OMF’s 10-year warranty, to help you (literally) sleep better. OMF prides itself on communicating the nuances of choice to its customers and taking the time to work with you to find the right mattress for your needs. Unlike many other online mattress companies, OMF also has more than 45 brick and mortar locations so you can try before you buy and they no long wait times for delivery.

Here are a few things to consider before you buy a new mattress, because while there’s no one size fits all, there are some non-negotiables for such an investment.

How to Choose a New Mattress

  • Size: How big is your bedroom? Do you have space for a king, or should you choose a queen instead? Maybe you sleep alone but want the extra room? Consider a double. Meanwhile, a single or long single usually works well for children.
  • Height: Taller mattresses usually feel more luxe thanks to extra layers, but shorter mattresses may cost and weigh less and be less cumbersome to move.
  • Firmness: Medium firmness is most popular, but that doesn’t mean it will work best for you. Consider your body type and sleeping position. A firmer mattress tends to work best for stomach sleepers, so you won’t sink too far in, while a softer mattress may work better for some side sleepers to keep the spine aligned. Heavier bodies are more supported by a firmer mattress, and smaller framed individuals might be better suited to a softer mattress to relieve pressure on the joints.
  • Material: Foam? Latex? Inner Spring? Adjustable? This is one of the most important considerations when making a purchase. Plus, a mattress that’s constructed properly for you can help alleviate discomfort due to night sweats, back pain, partner disturbance, improper support and even allergies. Many new generation mattresses are constructed to last with the earth in mind and make the most of innovative materials like recycled PET bottles. OMF’s Ocean Choice 7 has a progressive design that allows complete customisation via zip-off removable layers. With a 10-year warranty, it’s a smart buy.
  • Quality: Choosing a brand that has an extended warranty and is proudly Australian made (like those made by OMF) is a good indicator of durability.

Simply put, OMF dares you to compare their mattresses with the many others on the market, to make your own mind up about the value, choice and comfort that over 350,000 comfy customers have enjoyed.