Cheer Your Home Up With These Eye-Catching Cherry Blossom Décor Ideas

Cherry blossom home decor

Cherry blossoms (or sakura) as the Japanese call them, are some of the most elusive of flowers, blooming only for a few weeks at the start of spring. While they have many symbolic meanings, one is the starting of a new chapter or starting over with a renewed sense of hope.

If either is what you’re wanting or you just appreciate a beautiful bloom, consider cherry blossoms for your home.

Why not, when you consider that they’re basically an investment? Once the tiny blooms have all fallen, the bare branches, with their commanding size and interesting shape, can still be used as décor for weeks to come. Of course, you can also always opt fake blooms — branches or a full bouquet — too. And then they’ll really last a long time.

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So how can you display cherry blossoms in your home? While the options are endless, we’re sharing some of our favourite home décor ideas with the delicate yet dramatic bloom here.

Two Different Kinds

Cherry blossom home decor
Image: Unsplash

Try opting for a single stem of two different varietals of cherry blossoms or similar-looking flowers, and placing them in separate vases next to each other.

Few Sprigs in a Jar

Image: Pexels

Rinse out that jar of juice or jam, and fill with water and cherry blossoms or pink blooms.

Vase on the Floor

Fill a large vase or jug with long cherry blossom branches, and put the display on the floor, in a corner or next to a doorway.

Table Centrepiece

Place a big bouquet of long-stemmed cherry blossoms in a shallow vase so they spill over. Use the display as a centrepiece on your dining room table.

Bathroom Sink Décor 

Liven up your bathroom with a bouquet of blossoms. Cut their stems and place in a shallow vase on the sink or along a bath.

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