How to Find the Cheapest NBN Internet Plans in Australia

woman on computer

If you’re on the lookout for a fast (and affordable) NBN plan, you’ve come to the right place. We know that choosing the right internet provider can feel like an impossible task at worst and a boring one at best, which is why we wanted to help you avoid the comparison sites and get the details you want, without any of the sales pitches or follow up emails.

The reality is, we all use our internet for different things, but there are three things to consider when choosing the right internet plan for you:

  1. Price: How does a monthly NBN fit into your budget?
  2. Speed: What is the best NBN speed for you?
  3. Data: How much data do you need each month?

It’s likely that you’ll be weighing up a combination of two or three of these, especially considering the past year, where many of us have switched to working from home full-time or to a hybrid arrangement that leaves us still relying on our home internet connection a few days a week.

Below, you’ll find the most reliable NBN internet plans in Australia ranked by affordability and speed.

Price and data are quite self-explanatory and will depend on how often you use your internet and how many people in the house require a connection each day. Selecting the speed might feel a little trickier but according to the comparison site, Whistleout, an NBN 50 plan is recommended for most households because they usually offer good value and should also be fast enough to support a family of four mid to heavy internet users.

From here, you can scale the plan depending on the size of your family, for example, a household of four or more people who regularly download or upload large files may be better choosing an NBN 100 plan, and a family of three or fewer people may get away with an NBN 25 plan.

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