The Best and Cheapest Flight Sales on Right Now


You deserve a holiday, and after a trying couple of years, you deserve to save a few bucks in the process. In saving a good chunk on flight costs (often the most expensive components of any trip), you can spend more on the things that make you happy on holidays, like massages and fancy dinners.

Thankfully, and to celebrate Black Friday, a number of airlines are dropping fares at discounted prices, to help you get that vacation you deserve and support the regeneration of Australia’s tourism industry at the same time. And since the international borders have finally opened for travel, there are plenty of international fares to take advantage of, for travel in 2022.

Both Qantas and Jetstar have announced their Black Friday sale fares. For the national carrier, fares start from $70 one-way from Melbourne to Launceston. Fares climb to $197 for a one-way trip from Melbourne to Ballina-Byron. Travel dates vary per flight, though span across the months of April to June. For a few extra bucks, you can travel on peak summer dates around January and February.

Though saving on your flight fare, travellers will still be treated to Qantas’ outstanding service. Fares include a checked bag, plus an in-flight meal or snack and in-flight entertainment. Find your sale fare now with the Qantas Australia sale here. The sale ends on Monday, November 29.

For budget airline Jetstar, the fares are even cheaper still. Jetstar’s Weekend Fare Frenzy sees fares starting from $39 one-way from Sydney to Melbourne, we’re already packing our bags. Perhaps the most exciting fare we saw while checking them out was the Sydney to Honolulu offer, which is $179 one-way on Jetstar.

Other killer deals in the sale include; Sydney to Hobart from $57, Sydney to Hamilton Island from $82, Sydney to Uluru from $107, Melbourne to the Gold Coast from $49, and Sydney to Ballina-Byron from $69.

The Jetstar Black Friday sale ends at 11:59 pm on Monday, November 29, unless sold out prior. Best to get in quick.

Here are some of the international deals we spotted this year, too (please note that travel dates do vary):

  • London: You can fly return from Sydney to London on Etihad Airwards for $1,369 upwards.
  • Auckland: Fly to Auckland from Sydney on Qantas for $500 return.
  • Fiji: Return fares between Sydney and Fiji, flying Fiji Airways, start at $519. Flying Virgin, fares start at $489, depending on where you’re departing from.
  • Queenstown: Get return economy flights to Queenstown from Sydney on Virgin Australia from $539 and up.
  • Bali: Get return economy flights to Bali from Sydney on Virgin Australia, from $425.
  • Singapore: Get return economy flights to Singapore from Sydney on Singapore Airlines, from $599.
  • Bangkok: Get return economy flights to Bangkok from Sydney, from $819 on Singapore Airlines
  • Phuket: Get return economy flights to Phuket from Sydney on Singapore Airlines, from $839.
  • Colombo: Get return economy flights to Colombo from Sydney on Singapore Airlines, from $949.
  • Hawaii: Get return economy flights to Hawaii from Sydney on Qantas, from $999. For very specific travel dates in March, you can fly for $179 on Jetstar, one way to Honolulu.
  • Amsterdam: Get return economy flights to Amsterdam from Sydney, flying Singapore Airlines, from $1,295.
  • Paris: Get return economy flights to Paris from Sydney on Singapore airlines, from $1,319.
  • Manchester: Get return economy flights to Manchester from Sydney, flying Etihad Airways, from $1,359.
  • Rome: Get return flights to Rome from Sydney with Qatar Airways, from $1,473.
  • Dublin: Get return flights to Dublin from Sydney with Qatar Airways, from $1,553.
  • Vancouver: Get return flights to Vancouver from Sydney with Qantas, from $1,699.
  • San Francisco: Get return flights to San Francisco from Sydney with United Airlines, from $1,989.
  • New York: Get return flights to New York from Sydney with United Airlines, $2,099.

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