How to Use ChatGPT to Write Your Sickie Notes, Impress Your Crush, and More


While you’ve likely heard of ChatGPT by now , you might not know exactly what it’s capable of. According to its own AI-generated description, the software can be used “for a variety of tasks, including language translation, summarisation and chatbot responses”. But aside from those tasks listed, what else can it do?

First, a little bit about ChatGPT: The AI text generator was created by OpenAI, the San Francisco company co-founded by Elon Musk. It uses a combo of machine-learning algorithms and deep learning techniques to process and generate text responses. It’s different from other chatbots, in that it uses natural language techniques to answer user-generated questions in a conversational, human-like way.

In December, its free “research preview” version was released to the public, who promptly used it to generate academic essays, teach people how to make bombs and even attempt to seduce people on Tinder. So, what else can you ask it to do? Ahead, are a few other ways ChatGPT can be used.

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Replace Google

It’s being said ChatGPT could work for search queries even better than Google. For instance, you can ask it to explain something to you and it’ll use conversational language to do so. If you want it in even simpler language, you can ask it to “explain it to you like you’re 5”.

However, unlike Google, ChatGPT doesn’t update in real-time, so with the latest version, you’d only be bringing up search results up to 2021. Also, ChatGPT doesn’t cite its sources, so it could be bringing up information that hasn’t actually been fact-checked. The prompt page even warns users that ChatGPT “may occasionally generate incorrect information” and that it “may occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content.”

Write Music or Poetry

How cool is this? You can ask ChatGPT to write a song or poem on a specific topic, and it’ll actually generate it. Simply give it instructions about the topic you want discussed and the style you’d like it to use, and voila.

Draft Contracts

Back in December, a new employee tweeted that he’d unintentionally signed a contract written by ChatGPT. “After I signed, the other party let me know AI wrote the whole contract from a few terms they told it to include,” he wrote.

Type Your Sick Letters

“Write a sick letter that explains I spent all night vomiting and so can’t make it in today” is an example of a prompt you can use to get ChatGPT to draft a sickie note for you. Receive a lot of unsolicited emails? ChatGPT can easily draft up responses to them, saying essentially “thanks, but no thanks”.

Get Inspo for a House Décor Update

Need some inspo for a house décor update or a party theme, but want to skip browsing a Pinterest board? ChatGPT can suggest some ideas for you.

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