I Write About Homewares and This Is the One Item I Always See in Stylish Spaces

Ceramic tray

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In my several years of writing about homewares, not to mention furnishing several apartments, I’ve looked at countless photos of homes. I’ve looked at spaces with modern farmhouse interiors, others with maximalist minimalism, and everything in between.

And the one homeware item I keep seeing again and again in stylish spaces is a ceramic tray. They’re placed on tables in the kitchen, coffee tables in the lounge and side tables by the bed. Ceramic trays are not only eye-catching, often adding a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room, but they’re useful, too. They can hold your keys, wallet or anything else you might easily misplace.

“Ceramic trays can be used for many purposes, really,” says Minna Kemell-Kutvonen, Design Director for Home and Print Design at Marimekko. “A serving plate, a candleholder or a soap tray. I believe they can be used in any space of the home for a joyful expression.”

Kemell-Kutvonen says simple trays fill any space, but combining them with other shapes can create an interesting dialogue. She says the most important thing is finding a place for the place where it can be part of one’s everyday life.

“Why not even use it under a flowerpot, or hang it on a wall?” she says.

Ahead, I round up some of the favourite ceramic trays I’ve spotted online or have in my own home. I promise you, that just one of any of these will make all the difference in your home space.

Marmoset Found Cloud Square Platter, $49

This pink platter is made from hand cast ceramic. Because it’s made by hand, each piece has subtle variations.

Marmoset Found ceramic platter

Big W Openook Black Ceramic Tray, $8

Organise your trinkets with this affordable black ceramic tray.

Ceramic tray black

Kiramic Ceramic Trinket Tray, $12.99

Use this light green ceramic tray to hold your keys, trinkets or jewellery.

Kiramic Jewelry Dish

Handmade Ceramic Serving Tray, $117.92

This turquoise tray was made from casting clay, and was designed to hold fruit or to serve food, but can also be used to hold a candle or coasters on a coffee table.

Ceramic tray handmade

Marimekko Oiva / Urdimbre Plate, $37

The rectangular plate is safe to use in dishwashers, microwaves and even ovens. The design is by German artist Sabine Finkenauer.

Marimekko Oiva

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