This Celebrity Fitness Studio Is Offering Free Workouts for the Month of March

flow athletic celebrity

If you haven’t heard of Ben Lucas, well, you’ve definitely heard of the Cronulla Sharks. Yep, he played for them professionally. Or you’ve heard of Flow After Dark the silent disco yoga? He came up with that innovative concept too. Or, you’ve heard or even attended Flow Athletic. Yeah, you know what’s coming. He’s the director. 

Oh, and Flow Athletic is a bit of an Aussie celebrity fitness hotspot we’re talking model Erin Holland, influencer Sammy Robinson, and Elle Effect founder Elle Ferguson. Yep, they all got their banging bod’s with the help of Flow Athletic.

Like most businesses during COVID, they had to pivot to online ways of working. Tricky when you’re a fitness studio, and your whole business model is based on people attending your place of work.

But, they managed to do it with remarkable aplomb. So much so, that their process was covered by Smart Company and Dynamic Business. And they managed to experience a 400% growth in memberships.

And now, for the entire month of March, they’re offering free training as part of their famous 30 Days Clean program. That’s right, the fitness studio that offers yoga, pilates, strength training and spin is offering you to try it out for free. And no, you don’t have to be a member to partake in it. You just need an internet connection.

For 30 days, you’re challenged to take part in an online session each day. And just like what they offer in studio, it’s a mix of different types of training. Strength, cardio, yoga, Pilates, meditation. Oh, did we forget to mention there are also prizes involved? Yeah, there are thousands of dollars in prizes to win for those who are most committed.

Looks like you’ll be the one with the celebrity bod by the end of March.

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