The Headlines: What Happened on Cassius Turvey’s National Day of Action

Content Warning: This article contains references to violence and the name of an Indigenous person who has died.

Hello folks, welcome to a super heavy day of headlines. Let’s skip the bants today and jump straight into some of this Thursday’s most important stories:

Here’s What Happened at the Cassius Turvey Vigils

On October 13, Cassius Turvey was a 15-years-old Noongar Yamatji kid. He was walking home with his mates when he was brutally murdered.

Turvey was allegedly killed by 21-year-old Jack Brearley. This man allegedly also called Turvey vile racial slurs. Turvey later died in hospital. 

The death of this young boy has caused an outcry of anger and anguish across Australia. Many folks are calling for the end of such poisonous racial violence and the deaths of First Nations peoples. 

Last night, more than forty vigils were held in Turvey’s memory, with attendees calling on Australia to do better. They were held in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Canberra, amongst many others and were attended by thousands of people across the country. 

At each of these rallies, a statement by Mechelle Turvey was read out: “As mum of Cassius Turvey, I extend on behalf of my family, sincerest love and gratitude. The love, the generosity, the kindness, and the outpouring of tributes across the nation has been so appreciated. My family and I send our love to each one of you for supporting, for raising voices and for showing so much kindness and respect.”

“Cassius was in hospital because of the brutal attack on October 13, which eventually took his life on October 23. The answer I want is WHY?”

“A complete statement was not taken by the police from Cassius after the violent attack, and there was no contact with me, his mother. Why? It takes a loss of a loved one to get proper duty of care, an investigation. I feel that as mum, I should have been kept in the loop about the statement,” said Turvey’s statement.

“The governments need to invest in eliminating youth violence. It is mandatory that there are significant investments in youth centres, in programs where kids matter, and work on building with lost youth on self-esteem gaps. There must be significant awareness about bullying and that we need funded mentoring.” 

What We Know About Yesterday’s Lion Escape

On November 2, five lions escaped from their enclosure at Taronga Zoo, Sydney. These lions consisted of one male adult and four cubs. 

The incident started at around 6:30am and caused a ‘code one’ alert lockdown. It took around ten minutes for the lions to be coaxed back into their enclosure. Fortunately, no humans were killed or eaten. 

It’s been alleged that there were issues with the enclosure’s fence prior to this event. 

“An initial review of this morning’s incident has confirmed that an integrity issue with a containment fence enabled five lions to temporarily exit their main exhibit,” said Taronga Zoo in a statement. 

“The lions are now in a back-of-house holding area while a full review continues.”

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Another COVID Wave Might Hit NSW

NSW’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, is expected to make a COVID announcement today. Moreover, regrettably, she isn’t saying that the pandemic is officially over.

Instead, Chant will discuss the fact that another wave of COVID infections is most likely on its way. She’ll also emphasise the importance of getting a booster shot, that people should stay home if they have cold or flu symptoms, and that folks should wear a mask on public transport or while indoors. You know, the COVID classics.

This increase is partly thanks to the Omicron subvariants BQ.1 and XBB becoming more prevalent in Australia. It’s also due to practically all of the COVID restrictions getting scrapped.

Anthony Albanese Wants Energy Prices to Be Lower

The cost of living crisis is making it difficult for some to buy their groceries, pay their rent, and cover their power bills. This impossible situation is completely unacceptable. 

Our Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has somewhat addressed this predicament. He has stated that he’s working with businesses and governments to create some short-term relief regarding energy prices.

Albanese said, “My government is one that I want to be characterised by ­engagement and by co-operation wherever possible, but that shouldn’t be perceived as weakness.”

The Latch will keep you folks in the loop if any policies are announced that’ll lower the price of electricity or gas.

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