Here They Are: Sustainable French Linen Sheets for a Glorious Sleep


Despite the proverb, sleep is not, in fact, for the weak. Sleep is for those who prioritise their health and who wish to have better days thanks to better nights.

Sleep is for the strong, but as anyone who loves to sleep knows, not all sleeps are created equal. And more often than not, a few key factors will play into a good night’s rest.

Temperature, environment, a calm pre-snooze mindset; there are many components that make up the recipe to a successful sleep. Your choice of bedlinen is another important factor, as Sydney besties Georgie Cavanagh and Carlotta Casals came to find out when they founded their side hustle, Carlotta + Gee.

Founded in 2018, Carlotta + Gee is a sustainable bedding label producing stunning French linen sheets from flax fabric. The pair were inspired to create the ultimate sheet set after travelling together in Europe, when they discovered no available Australian comparison to the deluxe sleep sets they would rest their heads upon in France.

Now, they’ve established a range of luxurious bedwear in 17 gorgeous shades, comprised of eco-friendly flax linen that both requires less water and pesticides in the production process, and works to wick away moisture and allergens for your best sleep yet.

“Deep, restful sleep is extremely important to us, and it’s true that the way we sleep determines how we feel the next day. If there’s one thing to invest in, it’s making sure you sleep soundly and comfortably (and look good while doing it, too),” the founders explain on the Carlotta + Gee site.

While the flax linen is sourced from Normandy, France, the sheets are then washed in volcanic stones from Malaysia for over four hours to accelerate the softening process, “resulting in extra soft, luxurious linen bedding which will help boost your mood as well as your slumber”.

We caught up with one half of the power duo, Georgie Cavanagh, to find out more about the process in launching their now-globally successful side hustle, and to dive deeper into the brand’s mission now and moving forward.

TheLatch— Georgie! So lovely to be chatting with you. Tell us, how did you know it was time to take the leap from your role in PR, to launch your side hustle?

Georgie Cavanagh: Making the leap from side hustle to sole business is never easy. Both Carlotta and I worked full-time — I was working in PR / marketing and Carlotta in events and activations.

Our roles were very demanding so juggling both was difficult, but in the early days, you just have to make it work. We planned key Carlotta + Gee activities which needed to happen throughout the daytime and would work on them together in the evenings.

Gradually it got to the stage where we knew if we were going to scale, we needed to take the plunge. There were so many unique opportunities coming our way which we didn’t want to miss out on. For us, being part of an exciting community of young Aussie small business start-ups gave us daily inspiration and ultimately the confidence to finally take that leap.

TL: What has been the most challenging part about launching your own brand?

GC: The most challenging part was the unknown. It was all so new to us! But at the same time, the novelty factor is also what makes starting a new business so exciting. There a million obstacles you face when launching your own brand, but if we had to pick one technical challenge it would have to be in regards to learning about inventory systems.

They can do so much more than simply help you keep track of all your stock, and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to make the most use of the data they produce to help our decision making, planning, and overall business development.

“It was all so new to us! There a million obstacles you face when launching your own brand.”

TL: How did you and your business partner navigate COVID’s early stages? Did you
feel any impact?

GC: In the early days of COVID-19 we were really worried because we weren’t sure how it would affect the market. It was an unprecedented time in every aspect and for every industry. However, we quickly saw that people were spending all their time at home and were becoming even more interested in making home their happy place!

We are in the fortunate position of selling high-quality household items. This meant that COVID actually benefitted our business as we’ve had a large increase in new customers wanting to try the benefits of linen bedding. Thanks to this growth, we’ve been able to expand our range to include linen robes, and our next range of products launching in September will include tablecloths, napkins and placemats. Stay tuned!

The softest sheet set you can’t wait to sleep in.

TL: I love that you set out to launch a sustainable brand — has that been difficult as a

GC: Surprisingly, no! If you’re committed to sustainability and you build a business from the ground up, you’re not burdened by processes that prohibit you from living out your values. As a small company, we’re also able to be open and transparent about each part of our business — from growing our flax in France right through to how your sheets arrive on your doorstep.

And as with everything in life, finding the right people was key, and we were lucky to find suppliers with whom we are values-aligned. A large part of our pride in our products stems from their environmental friendliness. All of our linen is derived from a natural long and strong fibre called flax. Flax can be grown all around the world but we source ours from Normandy in France, where optimal climatic conditions ensure the plants are grown naturally and ecologically, without the need for pesticides or dangerous chemicals.

Unlike other fabrics such as cotton, flax doesn’t need heavy irrigation to grow which leads to great savings in water usage — people just don’t realise how much water it takes to make home products! We also love that not one part of the flax plant is wasted — the biodegradable fibres are woven into bedding, the seeds are eaten, and the oil from the plant is used to varnish furniture.

In addition, we follow sustainable practice all the way through to our packaging where we use 100% compostable, zero-waste mailer bags through our friends at Hero.

TL: How good is that! I read that you took multiple trips to France to set up your business — how FUN! Tell me, how did you figure out what you were doing in those early stages?

GC: Those early trips were wonderful! We are very fortunate that Carlotta, who is originally from Barcelona in Spain, has a long family history specialising in interior design. This gave us contacts and a foot in the door to a number of high-quality suppliers in France. But we weren’t just looking for top quality materials, we really wanted to work with suppliers who understood our vision and shared our values.

We met with many producers and companies at various stages of the value chain, and each conversation helped us clarify what we wanted and what we didn’t want until we figured out exactly what we were looking for in a business partner.

“We really wanted to work with suppliers who understood our vision and shared our values.”

TL:  What do you love about sleeping between linen sheets?

GC: We love so many things about sleeping in linen! It is perfect for all seasons as it is so breathable. The natural fibres allow air to circulate within your sheets, freshening and cooling you off in summer — just what we need for those long hot nights when the last
thing you want is sheets that stick to you.

Linen sheets won’t do that. Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, linen will also retain the heat from your body during the year’s cooler months, keeping your body temperature warm and cosy inside the bed. Its also durable — flax is actually the oldest and strongest natural fibre in the world. It’s naturally 30% thicker and stronger than cotton, which extends the durability of the sheets, meaning we can comfortably in them for many years to come.

What’s more — because it’s stone-washed, linen softens with age, so not only will it last longer than cotton sheets, it’ll feel better against your skin, too. Linen sheets are also ideal for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin — it has antibacterial properties in it and it stimulates blood flow. The fabric of linen is also naturally permeable and can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp. Unlike cotton, linen draws away the moisture in the air, remaining cool and dry to the touch, meaning it won’t retain any nasty smells. We could go on…

There are 17 colourways to choose from. Many opt to mix and match.

TL: I’m sold! Question: How do you take care of your linen sheets so they hold their shape? 

GC: We’ve carefully and purposefully sought out linen that doesn’t need to be ironed — isn’t that the dream? Aside from saving you time, this also has a positive effect on the environment as it uses less energy and appliances.

Our linen dries quickly, so you can wash and dry your set and have them back on your bed the same day. In fact, the more you wash your sheets, the softer they’ll become. We have created a snapshot of how to take care of linen sheets below, including washing, storing and usage:

Get the washing instructions correct and your bedding will last for years. Here are some simple tips we have learnt along the way:
★ It isn’t mandatory but it is always nice to wash your sheets prior to sleeping in them for the first time
★ Wash them in warm water on a gentle cycle with like colours
★ Dry naturally in a shady spot
★ No ironing is required and we recommend not using a dryer, however, if it is a must then use a tumble dryer on a low setting (cannot be hot).
★ Do not dry clean as it weakens the fibre
★ Do not leave wet on wood as this could lead to stains
★ Do not use harsh detergents or bleaches as this leave marks
★ Remember C+G’s linen is stone-washed before it arrives to you, to ensure it is extra soft

★ Keep your linen in a dry, dark cupboard all neatly folded away from direct sunlight where the colour and type are clearly shown
★ We recommend using the C+G linen bags (which your linen arrives to you in) as then it is easy to grab and they remain protected
★ Organise by colour: we keep our neutrals combos together and then the brighter shades together
★ Organise by type: we separate our pillowcases from our sheets and duvet covers so it is easy to find when next making your bed

★ Change your sheets regularly — we like to do this every Sunday to ensure the week starts off fresh and it is a good reminder to do it
★ Avoid direct contact with cosmetics or skincare products as this might stain or leave marks
★ As it is so natural, best to avoid anything really sharp near it such as metal hooks

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