The Jobs Our Kids Will Be Doing In 20 Years Says a Lot About Our Future


The looming threat of technology taking over commonly held positions continues to rear, and while some roles have, indeed, been replaced with automated tech, for the most part, the workforce still needs people to carry out crucial work (a real person is writing this story!).

But the future is sure to look different, and according to insights from SEEK, a number of industries will be significantly smaller in the not-so-distant-future.

“I don’t believe there will be industries that disappear altogether in the next 18 years, however, there will definitely be roles and tasks within every industry that will no longer exist,” said media commentator and SEEK futurist Morris Miselowski.

Emerging technologies and increased environmental awareness are predicted to influence the future of employment, and especially for our children, who will look to enter the workforce in 18 years or so.

Gazing into the future, these are the jobs and skills that SEEK predicts will be most desirable for the next generation of employees.

Industry changes

While some industries are expected to decline somewhat, others will likely thrive.

“Physical and manual jobs will see a significant decrease in roles. We’ll also see a decrease in admin jobs, these include bookkeeping, filing roles and clerks, as these types of routine jobs will no longer be required to be done by humans,” said Miselowski.

He says that by 2038, there will be an increased need for jobs that require heightened social and emotional skills — qualities computers haven’t yet mastered.

“Technology can be taught to copy anything that is routine and predictable, that’s why roles in those areas will disappear first. Technology can’t yet copy and repeat the creativity and complexity of human thinking. If we are going to evolve, innovate and invent beyond what we already know, it will be through human ingenuity.”

Miselowski calls these “human skills”, and cites communication, empathy, imagination, creativity, wisdom and collaboration as the most desirable qualities for employers in the future.

A new way of working

Miselowski predicts our children will work far beyond the nine to five. He attributes his prediction to closeness with technology, and an increased difficulty this will have on switching off at the end of the day. Some of us already know this feeling. “Due to technology advances, it is harder to leave work behind. We’ve already started to see this happen and this will continue to increase,” he said.

In addition, the futurist foretells employees entering the workforce will have more than one source of income. Seems the side hustle is here to stay.

Emerging careers

According to the predictions, there are four industries set to witness big changes, and thus, higher demand, in the near future. These are:


Food waste, sustainable produce, poverty: these are problems that need fixing, and in the future, it’s our kids who will work to find the solutions.

“With the ever-growing population, the demand for food supply will go up and we’ll need to find new ways to keep up with the demand. Roles in this industry will include 4D printed food technician, cultured meat scientist, synthetic food designer, food as medicine nutritionist and food bank logistic officer.”


As the world shifts towards green and renewable energy, roles in this area are set to skyrocket. “We’ll become more efficient with energy and see an increase in roles, which will help the growth of this industry.”


Miselowski doubts flying cars will be available to the masses by 2038, but that doesn’t mean the transport and logistics industry isn’t ready for a shakeup and a set of fresh ideas.

“The way we move around will change and become more efficient. Owning a car and having a driver’s licence will not be the norm for a teenager in 2038. Instead, they’ll expect their tech to autonomously organise rideshare, hire them a bike, book and pay for public transport, provide walking directions or provide options on how to get ‘there’.”


An increased life expectancy will likely see a continued interest in health and wellness. Our kids can be expected to live over 100, and naturally, there will be some health consequences to come with such old age.

“There is going to be a shift in the typical health practices, and the focus will be on wellness and self-care jobs, along with new technology advances in these areas.”

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