Enter the Carbon Challenge to Win An Electric Scooter and Have Your Carbon Footprint Offset

Are you ready to make a positive impact? Take part in The Latch’s Carbon Challenge and you can take small but meaningful steps toward reducing your carbon footprint and helping the planet.

All you have to do is register to join and make your pledge to reduce your carbon footprint in April. From there, measure your footprint with the carbon calculator and make a pledge for what you’ll do to reduce it.

Then we’ll send you a new carbon challenge to take on each week. These challenges are designed to be easy to achieve and will help you to make a real difference. From using a reusable coffee cup, to starting a compost in your backyard, each of these actions count.

Now to the best part, the reward. At the end of April, one sustainability champion will be chosen (as voted by UM and The Latch) to win an electric scooter and have their carbon footprint absorbed throughout the year via tree planting.

To enter, complete the short survey below:

Read the full terms and conditions here.

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