Abracadabra! Canva’s Magic Studio AI Tools Will Make Graphic Design Easier Than Ever

Canva AI tools

“All the power of AI, all in one place.” That’s the tagline for Canva’s AI tools suite, Magic Studio, which launched over the weekend and is part of its 10th birthday celebrations.

The first-of-its-kind AI platform, Magic Studio comprises a suite of AI-powered design tools that aim to make content creation more accessible to everyone, even if they have no previous design experience, and to supercharge every part of your workflow.

“No more jumping between platforms,” Canva writes in a blog post. “Access AI that makes designing more efficient, creative and streamlined, all from within Canva. Magic Studio is packed with AI tools that help you at every step of your creative process.”

So, what are some of those AI tools? Well, for starters, there’s a feature called Magic Design, which can help you visualise your ideas. Simply type in a prompt like “company culture social post” or “Instagram post for a travel company promoting a beach holiday giveaway” and it’ll help you create the content. You can then use it for presentations, videos or social posts.

“From your request, Magic Design takes it up another level by identifying exactly what you need and quickly creating sophisticated, curated designs – just for you, in a matter of seconds,” Canva writes. “Personalise it or apply your company’s Brand Kit, and you’re on your way.”

Brand Voice lets you write in your brand’s tone of voice in any design or document. Simply add guidelines to your Brand Kit, and you’ll get on-brand content every time. Meanwhile, Magic Morph instantly transforms words and shapes into new colours, textures, patterns, and styles with a single prompt.

Background Remover works to remove subjects from their backgrounds, while Magic Grab lets you select the subjects and then edit, reposition, or resize it.

Magic Switch lets you turn an entire presentation into an executive summary. As Canva puts it, “Magic Switch makes it effortless to instantly scale your content into a multi-channel campaign in seconds.”

Magic Studio also includes AI-powered editing like Magic Grab, which lets you select subjects and then edit, reposition, or resize them, and Background Remover, which works to remove subjects from their backgrounds.

Magic Media works text-to-image and text-to-video and can turn text into engaging photos or create videos from an image. And Magic Animate can bring your design to life with animations and transitions.

“Instantly add the wow factor, streamline your transitions, reflect your brand’s personality and ensure your next presentation or video leaves a lasting impression,” writes Canva.

Alongside Magic Studio, Canva also launched Canva Shield, a new set of safety, privacy, and security controls for the platform. They’ll prevent the AI from being used to create unsafe or inappropriate content.

“As teams grapple with the need to do more with less, it’s difficult to make the most of the many new AI tools that are either geared towards professional designers, only do one specific thing or are scattered across different complex platforms,” writes Canva.

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