5 Steps to Creating a Romantic Candlelit Dinner for Isolation Date Night


Whether you’re isolating solo, alongside a loved one, with your family, or a house full of roomies, taking moments to connect with yourself and those around you is important, particularly in these uncertain times.

And while many of us have upped our amounts of screen time lately — whether to keep up with the news, scroll memes, or tune out with Netflix — there comes a time when we really just need to switch off the devices and enjoy the company of yourself or another person.

While Australia is now self-isolating at home, we can’t think of a better way to spend quality time than with a meaningful candlelit dinner. Here are our tips for doing it right and romantic.

1. Set the mood

It’s a date, so pop on your finest set of comfy lounge clothes and light up some candles.

Now for some mood music. We’re opting for some smooth jazz, but you can blast Kanye or The Weeknd’s new album, if you so please.

2. Grab a drink

The NSW government recently announced an amendment to the licensing laws around the sale of alcohol to allow bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs in NSW to sell alcohol via takeaway or home delivery. So while I’m sure your gin and milk combo would suffice, you could also have a professional mixologist make your favourite drink and deliver it to your door, garnishes and all.

This weekend, we’ll absolutely be getting around this new initiative to support our hospitality industry, and we suggest anyone with the means and thirst for a good drink do the same.

3. Order in

New laws around social distancing have already had a devastating impact on cafes and restaurants, and while many establishments have been forced to announce their temporary closure, a bunch of beloved establishments are pushing on to deliver their meals to hungry patrons at home.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants we know are delivering, and we’d highly recommend supporting them with your business in this time.

4. Engage in meaningful conversation

These days, we’re having to get creative not just in the ways we carry out our conversations with friends, but in the content of them, too. Your usual repertoire of questions like ‘What have you been up to’ and ‘How’s work?’ might not cut it right now to spark those deep and meaningful conversations, and so we’ve created a list of 50 interesting questions to ask the people in your lives today.

While you’re dining by candlelight, why not make your way through this list? You may learn a thing or two about the people you’re isolating with, and some more about yourself, too.

5. Take in a show

It’s time to hit play on some evening entertainment — something to ease the mind and help you escape the world around you while your candles burn out.

If you’re after a dose of culture — perhaps a visit to a museum, tour around a world landmark or opera show — then all of those and more can be done through virtual platforms, many of which have become available during these times when physical travel is off the cards. Here, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can virtually travel the world from your living room.

If kicking back and watching a movie is more your vibe, then we’d suggest trawling through your favourite streaming platforms for an uplifting film to take your mind off things, or checking out one of the new arrivals to Netflix, Stan, HayU or Foxtel.

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