This Genius Can Opener Hack Doesn’t Involve Cans At All


It baffles us every time we remember the fact the can opener was invented almost 50 years after cans were first used for food preservation. It’s a somewhat hilarious notion to comprehend — the fact that people struggled to open cans for 48 years before the game-changing solution finally became available.

But when the can opener finally did arrive, the world never looked back (that is, before the can opener became somewhat redundant when self-opening tabs found their way onto the top of cans).

But it’s no reason to throw away your old-school hand-held can opener because as it turns out, the device can be used to carry out another very difficult task.

You know that plastic clamshell packaging that appears to be welded shut at the edges, that always seems to tear your nails in half or cut your hand open when to try to open them?

They’re most often used to package technology like electric toothbrushes or hardware items like scissors or screwdrivers, and they’re impossible to open without bringing on a fit of rage.

Well, apparently the hand-held can opener makes short work of the devil’s packaging and can be easily affixed to the outer edge. Then, you merely have to tun the can opener (just as you would around a can lip) to easily free your purchase from the grips of the plastic.

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