You Can Now Go Glamping on the Side of a Victorian Cliff Face


When camping in a tent within a nice secluded clearing simply doesn’t cut it on the ‘out there’ scale, you can now spend a night on the side of a cliff face in Mount Buffalo National Park in Victoria.

The National Park has just launched the ‘Beyond the Edge’ cliff camping experience. It’s both Australia’s first, and the world’s highest, portaledge cliff camping experience for those thrill-seekers who dare to spend a night both under the stars and suspended far too high in air.

“This unique adventure experience includes a thrilling overnight stay on a portaledge suspended over a sheer 300-metre cliff face in the stunning Mount Buffalo gorge,” the experience page reads.

The experience for two begins with an abseil down to the suspended portaledge, which is positioned on the cliffs of the North Wall of Mount Buffalo gorge.

As the sun sets, you’ll enjoy a three-course dinner before you rest your head in the open-air under a smattering of stars. Breakfast arrives with coffee as the sun begins to rise over the valley, before you’re presented the option to abseil down the cliff face.

Note, the way down is certainly not for the fainthearted; at 300m long, it’s one of the highest abseils in the world and is described as both “rugged” and “extreme” by the hosts.

“If you’re thirsting for more adventure, take The Descent 300m multi-pitch abseil to the valley floor. Descending over towering, exposed faces and dangling beneath massive rock overhangs, you will be exploring terrain usually reserved for expert rock climbers.”

At the bottom, you’ll have to then traverse through difficult terrain for a few hours to make it back to the gorge rim.

The Beyond the Edge cliff camping experience runs during the warmer months, from November through to May, and is, of course, weather dependent.

Meals are included in the $799 per person cost, as is instruction and supervision from two expert guides, who also take you through comprehensive training. Should you dare to take on The Descent, the experience will cost an added $450 per person.

You can book the Beyond the Edge cliff camping experience here.

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