Meet By Pariah, the Niche Jewellery Brand Loved By Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I find some of my favourite brands while scrolling through Instagram — especially where jewellery is concerned. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to shop for online than clothes.  Whatever it might be though, buying jewellery I find on Instagram is the one exception to my usual lack of interest in online shopping.  

While it might not be great for my wallet, it’s definitely good for my style. There are plenty of literal hidden gems lurking in the depths of Instagram, and the more great jewellery I find on the platform, the more the algorithm finds for me. Thank you creepy interest-tracker, this is one instance where I’m more than happy for you to gauge what types of things I’m looking at while scrolling through my feed. 

My recent obsession is one particular London-based brand that fashion girls and supermodels around the world seem to be loving at the moment. But until I found the brand’s Instagram, it was totally unknown to me. With less than 10K followers on Instagram, By Pariah is a relatively niche brand at the moment. 

Inspired by the untouched beauty of the Caribbean, By Pariah’s jewellery looks like a cross of vintage silhouettes and modern trends. At once natural and elegant, the brand gives a whole new meaning to “simple elegance”. If you’re looking to gift your self a special piece of jewellery, or hint for a gift, this might be the place if you’re after something timeless.

Though By Pariah doesn’t ship directly to Australia, there is a roundabout way to get your hands on some of the dreamy jewellery. As they say, where there’s a will there’s a way. By shopping through one of the brand’s stockists, Luisa Via Roma, you can get your favourite By Pariah pieces delivered to Australia for as little as $20AUD. 

Now that you know how to get your hands on them, keep scrolling to see a few of our favourite pieces from By Pariah. You’ll be walking in the ranks of Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Karlie Kloss in no time at all.

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