You Can Buy This Circular Pod Home and Have It Assembled in 2 Days


Described as a “cocoon of simplicity”, the LumiPod is a circular glamping pod designed to immerse you, the adventurer, in nature, while still providing all the luxurious amenities a modern-day traveller could need.

The pod is a passion project from French company Lumicene. It uses the manufacturer’s signature curved windows on an aluminium rail in its unique design to establish a constant connection to the outdoors, even when the sliding windows are closed to the elements.

“Closed, LumiPod is a comfortable cocoon but fully immersed in nature. In a single gesture, LumiPod eliminates the boundary between interior and exterior for an unforgettable experience,” a product description on the site reads.

Source: Lumipod

The 17sqm dwelling is just 5.45m in diameter and 3.25m high. Inside, the prefab model houses room only for a bedroom on a suspended frame, luxurious tiled bathroom with toilet and shower, and storage.

The interior fit-out is carefully considered to showcase the landscape surrounding the pod, and is designed with high-end furnishings and fixtures in a neutral colour palette of beige, cool grey and warm wooden textures.

Source: Lumipod

The default design features an exterior clad in charred wood, however, almost any aspect of the dwelling can be customised to suit each buyer, and dressed up or down with varying roof structures, interior and exterior adjustments, and alternate materials.

Each pod is designed for all weather conditions and come complete with an air conditioning system ​​to manage heating and cooling requirements, an instantaneous water heater, and an electrical panel. The floor-to-ceiling windows are also double-glazed for temperature control.

Source: Lumipod

LumiPod can be settled in just about any landscape, whether a clearing in the forest, nestled within a vineyard, or atop a cliff overlooking the beach. Though approximately 4.5 tons, the entire dwelling is supported by four foundation points which helps to minimise impact on the environment in which it sits.

Upon order, your LumiPod tiny home will be manufactured from scratch over two to four months in Lyon, France, before it’s shipped out to you — wherever you are in the world. Once it arrives, the whole dwelling takes only two days to assemble.

Right now, the pods require connection to electricity, water and wastewater networks, but the French company is working to launch an off-grid model next.

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