Bunnings Is Kicking Off a New Renovation TV Series Called ‘Make It Yours’

Bunnings make it yours

Bunnings is launching a brand new home improvement TV show called Make It Yours to inspire your renovation fantasies in isolation.

According to research by Bunnings, 65% of Australians say they have at least one unfinished DIY job to do at home, while a whopping two-thirds of Aussies are undertaking DIY tasks once a month.

All of this is to say that the appetite for a Bunnings reno show is well and truly there, especially when you take into account the fact that Australians are most influenced by home improvement TV programs, according to the research.

Make It Yours debuts Friday, May 8 at 8.30pm on 7TWO. The nine-part series is described as “fun and innovative” and has been specifically designed with the next generation in mind, responding to a growing movement of more condensed, urban living and the needs of longer-term renters.

“It delivers DIY in a new format, showcasing easy, stylish and affordable cosmetic renovations and DIY on a modest budget,” Bunnings said in a press release.

Even more exciting, Make It Yours will be presented by Lucy Glade-Wright, influential designer, interior stylist, and founder of the Hunting for George platform.

“I’m very excited to bring my knowledge of home and design as the host of Make it Yours, where every episode I get to walk through a new room in the home and dissect what works and why,” Glade-Wright says.

“If you’re thinking about starting a home reno or you just want to try out some fun style tips and ideas at your place, then this show is for you.”

The series follows Glade-Wright and a team of 13 interior and style influencers from Australia and New Zealand as they totally transform a “beige suburban house” into a stylish new home.

Each episode will centre around a different room in the home, with episode one kicking off in the kitchen. Rumour has it the team are set to completely transform the space for under $5,000.

After each episode airs, viewers will be able to access tips, DIY videos and lists of the products used in the home renovations on the Make It Yours website.

Head over there now to find out more about the schedule

Watch the trailer for Make It Yours below. 

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