Bunnings’ New Plant Pots Feature Recyled Materials and Designs from Indigenous Artists

Who doesn’t love indoor plants? They help to bring the outdoors in, purify the air in our homes and better our mental health. And now, one of the prime spots to buy plants, Bunnings, has announced they’re selling stylish indoor pots, too. Meaning that on top of all that, your plant will now also be doing wonders for your home décor.

The hardware chain’s new range, available now, nationally, will feature over 300 new designs, including two capsule collections from Melbourne-based designers Capra Designs and Lightly. Other highlight designs include a 16-pot collaboration with Warlukurlangu artists who created indigenous artworks specially for the pots and a collaboration with Dutch brand Elho who used recycled materials and 100% wind energy.

And the best bit is, the pots start at a mere $4. That’s less than a takeaway coffee.

So, where to even start when choosing a pot? Ahead, Bunnings Garden Décor Buyer Anna Safaryan shares three top picks, and they’re all under $100.

Capra Desert Frill Resin Pot, $75

Warlukurlangu planters, $16.99


Elho Pink Round Recycled Plastic Pot, $32.98

Bunnings pots

You can check out the full range of Bunnings’ indoor plant pots here.

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