Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Home Décor Without Breaking the Bank

Luxo Living

With many Australians still in lockdown and spending more time than ever at home (before 2020, that is), it’s no surprise that new research by Luxo Living found that nearly half of people (48%) wish they could re-decorate their home. Unsurprisingly, the research found that the states that have spent the most time in lockdown (Victoria and NSW) were the keenest on a home décor refresh.

So, if you too are part of those stats, what are some ways you can spruce up your space? And, if you don’t have a lot of cash to splash, how can you do them without breaking the bank? Ahead, we share some simple ways to start.

Find Pieces That Have Multiple Purposes

“If you’re short on budget or even storage space, it’s an excellent idea to find items that have more than one use”, says Winston Tu, founder of Luxo Living. He suggests buying an ottoman with storage space, which will not only act as a centrepiece but will also allow you to keep your spare throws or cushions in it so your room doesn’t get too cluttered.

Other multi-functional pieces include a versatile buffet unit, a bed base with drawers, an entertainment unit with shelves or a hallway console table, Tu says. All of these can act as hidden storage for books, toys, gym equipment or can even be used to display art.

Add Plants

The Block’s Jimmy and Tam say their go-to when reworking a space is to add plants and greenery. “Not only are they decorative, but they are also beneficial for physical and mental health,” the duo says.

“They provide clean air from wherever they are placed, and they can also contribute a refreshing and replenishing atmosphere for your home.” If you’re in lockdown, buy them via Click and Collect. Or, bring some scissors on your next walk and cut some trimmings to grow yourself.

Try Painting Walls and Cabinets

“If you own your home, painting or utilising wallpaper is a cost-effective way to transform the mood of your home, especially if you do it yourself,” says Tu.

For a fresh and modern look ideal for living areas, he suggests going for choose crisp whites or sage greens. “Kitchens are often a pain point for people as well, but many don’t realise that painting the cupboards or cabinets can completely transform the space,” Tu says.

Incorporate Layers of Texture

People often decide on their style, colours and pieces, but they often fail to think about texture when re-decorating, says Tu.

“Simply put, it means creating visual interest and diversity in your space through layering, opposing materials, colours and fabrics,” he says. “Texture can be created either through touch or the display of objects and has the ability to make your space feel luxurious, without the hefty price tag. For example, velvet dining chairs or a rattan coffee table will instantly create texture in your home.”

Invest In Quality Pieces and Save on Accent Pieces

And finally, before buying any new items, be sure to rank them in order of priority and then decide how much you could realistically spend on each, says Tu.

“Once you have finalised your budget, invest in bold furniture items that will attract the most attention — a couch, accent chair, dining table or bedhead,” he says. For example, a tufted velvet accent chair or a rattan headboard will instantly elevate the room.”

You can then swap accent pieces, such as cushions and throws, for seasonal colours and trends, he adds.

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