Bubble Homewares Are Trending — These Are Our 7 Favourite Pieces to Buy

There’s something whimsical and carefree about bubbles, reminding us of our childhood, a time when we could stay entertained for hours simply by blowing them and watching them float off in the wind. So it’s no wonder that, in the midst of a pandemic that has, for many of us, taken a major toll on our mental health, we’re once again embracing bubbles and all that they represent.

And the lifestyle area we’re embracing them in is homewares, with bubble-inspired mirrors, vases and plant pots recently popping up in some of our favourite online and in-person stores. And while their shapes might evoke that feeling of being worry-free, they also lend an element of texture to a home, giving it a more ‘styled’ feel. All that with a simple vase or mirror — it’s no wonder it’s a trend that’s been taking off.

So, if you’re looking to tap into it and add some bubble-inspired homewares to your own home, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites among the current buys. From bubble-inspired mugs, to mirrors with bold back frames featuring bubbles, here’s how to add the shape into your home.

Merci Maison Alexia Mirror, $920

Etsy Stylish Bubble Vase, $19.27

Etsy bubble vase

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