An Honest Review of Woolworths’ Avalanche Bubble Tea: Is It Worth the Hype?

As a digital journalist, I’m always on the hunt for trending search terms as they’re likely to lead me to a good story. And so, when I saw the search term ‘bubble tea kit Woolworths’ was trending in Australia, I knew I was onto something. I decided to try one and then share honestly about it. Ahead, my review of Woolworths’ Avalanche bubble tea kit.

The first thing to know about it is that it’s not available at all Woollies. I live in Bondi and the nearest to me is a metro Woollies, which didn’t stock it. Fortunately, my housemate happened to be doing a Woollies order so I added a kit to his haul.

This brings me to the next thing to know, and that’s that there are so many flavours to choose from, it was hard to pick. Avalanche Bubble Tea comes in peach, mango, milky, matcha, strawberry, taro, caramel and brown sugar. I eventually settled on brown sugar.

The pack, which costs $8, comes with enough to make five teas, with five straws, tapioca balls and tea mixes for each. Conveniently, the side of the box had a QR code that I scanned on my phone to bring up a short video on how to make the tea.

First, I heated up the tapioca balls — still in their plastic packet — in the microwave. Then, I cut the packet open and spilled the balls into a glass and added ice cubes. Then, I poured the powder tea mix into another cup, added cold water and stirred.

Avalanche Bubble Tea

The last step was to pour the tea in with the balls and ice and stir again. The result was deeeeelish. And definitely worth hype.

Woolworths Bubble Tea

Some things I’d do differently for next time I make it:

  • Get a measuring cup. The instructions called for 200mL of water, but I didn’t have a measuring cup so just had to guesstimate.
  • Stir more. I should’ve stirred the powder mix and water more as there were still little chunks of powder in my final drink.
  • Add more ice. I only had a few ice cubes still in the tray, but if I had more ice, I would’ve added it.

Honestly, it was such a yummy drink and great as a mid-morning, pre-lunch pick-me-up. I’ll definitely be getting it again and can’t wait to try the other flavours.

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