This AR Tool Lets You Digitally Insert Furniture and Rugs Into Your Home Before You Buy

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One of the hardest parts about buying furniture is not knowing how it’ll look in your home. Sure, you can break out a tape measure and mark out what area the space will fill, but it’s still hard to envisage how it’ll fit in a home space until it’s physically set up and in.

Or, until you use Brosa’s augmented reality tool View at Home, that is. The furniture and homeware company’s system lets you virtually imagine its pieces in your own home, so you can better assess which colours, sizes and materials work with what you already own.

And while the View at Home tool has been around for a few months now and is available to use with most of Brosa’s products, rugs were only recently added to the mix.

Image: Brosa

So, how does it work? Well, firstly, you’ll want to prepare the space where your new rug will live, getting everything positioned how you’d have it once you add the rug. Then, you’ll select your favourite rug design and click the ‘View at Home’ Icon.

You can then either get a better feel for its design with a 360-degree view, or you can scan the room where you’d want it at home, capturing all walls and floors, and using your finger to rotate, move and place the rug in your space.

And if you still need time to think about it or you want a second opinion, you can save an image of your room with the digitally-placed rug using the tool’s in-built photo feature to look at later or send to family or friends. It’s all pretty clever, huh?

Image: Brosa

As for the rugs themselves, Brosa offers all kinds to suit all kinds of functional and aesthetic needs. All crafted by hand, they’re made from materials including wool, cotton, jute blends, synethic fibres (ideal for homes with pets) and a wool/viscose fusion, and range from hand-knotted and handspun, to looped weave, textured low pile and shaggy. They also come in four sizes.

Even if you’re not ready just yet to buy a new rug, it’s still worth trying out Brosa’s AR tool to envisage would the space could look like once you do. Though, no doubt, once you see it, you won’t be able to get the image of your upgraded home out of your head.

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