How Much The ‘Bridgerton’ Jewellery Costs In Real Life (Spoiler: It’s Not Cheap)


Netflix’s Bridgerton has taken the world by storm due to its sexy story line, lavish scenery and 7,500 breath-taking costume pieces.

In fact, research by eBay has shown that fans of the scandalous series have flocked to the site looking for 19th century regency-inspired fashion pieces with their data showing that there has been a 26 per cent rise in search for ‘puff sleeve dress’ since the show aired. Unbelievable.

When it comes to the jewellery, while it may not be exactly historically accurate, it certainly is a feast for your eyes. But if you’re wondering how much it would cost to look the part of a duchess in real life, then we have the answer for you and spoiler alert. It’s not cheap.

UK marketplace, OnBuy.com, worked exclusively with jewellery experts at Steven Stone to reveal just how much the iconic Bridgerton jewellery would be worth in reality. Add that to the most spectacular of costumery, looking like a Bridgerton could set you back millions of dollars.

So, whose crown jewells are the most expensive? And how much was that white gold large diamond necklace Prince Friedrich gave Daphne? You’ll just have to see:

Daphne’s White Gold Large Diamond Necklace: $6.1m

Based on the five diamonds which are approximately 10 carats each, OnBuy.com can reveal that Daphne’s infamous necklace, given to her by the Prince, is predicted to be worth a whopping $6.1m in real life.


Daphne’s Gold Pear Shape Diamond Necklace: $1m

Assuming that the main diamond is 6 carat, Daphne’s sophisticated pear shape necklace would cost an estimated $1m.

Lady Danbury’s White Gold Diamond Tiara: $8.7m

Estimated to be well over 100 carats of diamonds (and part of one of the most iconic looks of the series), Lady Danbury’s white gold diamond tiara would be worth a huge $8.7m in real life.

Lady Danbury’s White Gold Marquise Diamond Necklace: $5.2m

Estimated at 300 carat, Lady Danbury’s stunning diamond necklace is noted to be worth $5.2m if it was fine jewellery.

Queen Sophie’s Yellow Gold Pigeon Blood Ruby Drop Earrings: $12.2m

Queen Sophie’s ruby drop earrings are extremely rare, so they would carry a hefty price tag of $12.2m in the real world.


Marina’s Gold Diamond Necklace: $2.6m

According to jewellery experts, Marina’s diamond necklace that she wore to the ball would cost $2.6m.

Yellow Gold Turquoise Butterfly Necklace: $43,000

Finally, Portia’s turquoise butterfly necklace is predicted to set you back $43,000.

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