‘Bride And Prejudice’ Star Micah Downey Dead At 26

Micah Downey, star of Channel 7’s Bride and Prejudice, has died aged 26.

Micah’s ex-fiancee, Milly Johnson — who appeared with Micah on Bride and Prejudice while the pair were still together — broke the news on Instagram.

Posting a photo of Micah posing with a guitar, Milly revealed that the American reality star passed away suddenly on Saturday, December 28. The couple shared son Julian together, and Milly is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Noting that it was “so sad and unbelievably surreal” to be posting the news, Milly wrote that she was “struggling to put into words how sad and heartbreaking” Micah’s loss was.

With a broken heart emoji, she continued: “I just hope he is at peace wherever he is and that he will always be watching over his babies,” adding a prayer-hands emoji.

“A bad, bad dream. I can’t believe you’re not here. Rest In Peace Micah,” Milly finished.

In an additional post to her Instagram story, she added: “I wish things could have been different. I know deep down you wanted to change.”

Milly had previously shared that the couple parted ways back in November, having broken up during the third season of Channel 7’s Bride and Prejudice.

“Breaking up with someone is awful and also a very private moment. In our case it was done with many eyes on us on national television. Not easy,” she wrote, revealing that the couple had been “off and on” for awhile before ending their relationship.

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For those who tuned into last nights @BrideandPrejudiceAU episode and have gone out of their way to send me such kind supportive messages, thank you. ?? I’m trying to get back to as many of you as possible. Leading up to the decision I made, I felt sick, heartache, deep sadness and then I just felt numb. Breaking up with someone is awful and also a very private moment. In our case it was done with many eyes on us on national television. Not easy. We had been on and off for sometime. I loved him. He is the father to my son and baby on the way ?? It was such a hard decision to make not only breaking off the wedding but also breaking up with Micah for the last time. Everything I hoped and dreamed for just came crushing down ? Breaking up with someone is so hard especially when you have a child involved ? Please refrain yourselves from saying anything nasty to either one of us. Be mindful that mental trauma and illness does play a role so respect us all and keep your strong views or opinions to yourself. If you want to talk about it talk to your friends or family. Please don’t go out of your way to cause hurt to someone publicly on social media. It is a deeply sensitive topic and re-living it by watching the show has been hard enough. An emotional rollercoaster;  beautiful moments, funny moments, upset, sadness and heartache. I am so very lucky I have beautiful friends and family that have supported me and also having the support from @channel7 @leanne_hall_therapist and members of the cast who have been very kind and mindful of how I could  be feeling especially due to the fact I’m heavily pregnant. Yes that’s what you are reading.  I am pregnant and I am happy! So please refrain from any judgemental, negative comments as in the end it’s not your life. Just be happy someone else is happy. I am so excited Julian gets to grow up with a sibling, as I grew up as an only child. ?? I don’t regret going on @BrideandPrejudiceAU as it helped me make the hardest decision. So I’m so very grateful for the opportunity. #brideandprejudiceau #channel7 #realitytv #hope #love #communication #heartbroken #sadness #toxicrelationships #therapy

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Noting that “mental trauma and illness [played] a role” in their relationship, Milly pleaded with fans on social media to offer the couple “respect” in the wake of their break up.

While no official cause of death has been revealed, there were unconfirmed reports that Micah struggled with substance abuse that contributed to the demise of their relationship.

In a statement, Channel 7 said: “The team at Bride and Prejudice is devastated by the news of the loss of Micah Downey. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with his family and friends at this incredibly difficult time.”

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