The Headlines: Brazil’s Congress and Supreme Court Have Been Invaded

Hello folks, welcome to the second Monday of 2023. Instead of wondering how quickly the next fifty weeks will fly, there is a whack of important news stories we should discuss. Here are some of today’s biggest headlines

Why Brazil’s Congress Is Under Attack 

Over one-hundred Brazilians have invaded their country’s congress, supreme court, and presidential palace. These individuals are supporters of the far-right former President, Jair Bolsonaro. They also believe that the current President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, did not legitimately win last year’s election. There’s no concrete evidence to support this theory.  

These attackers stormed past police, vandalised the supreme court, and smashed windows. Many commentators are likening this invasion to America’s January 6 riot

“What we are witnessing is a terrorist attack,” said the Brazilian news anchor Erick Bang. “The three buildings have been invaded by coup-mongering terrorists.”

Vanuatu Was Hit By an Earthquake

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck some of Vanuatu’s islands. Moreover, this quake was just 23 km from Espiritu Santo’s Port Olry at a depth of 27 km.

This earthquake triggered a tsunami warning. Fortunately, this warning was quickly rescinded. There have also been no reported deaths or casualties in this area.  

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Unpacking Willowbank’s Drag Race Accident

In some rough news for Australia, Sam Fenech, a veteran drag racer, died at an event on Saturday. In front of a huge crowd in Willowbank, Queensland, his car flipped, flew through the air and smashed into a camera tower.

Fenech died on-site while a camera operator in the tower was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital. The camera operator has sustained a number of non-life-threatening injuries.

V8 Supercar driver, Todd Hazelwood, was amongst the crowd at Willowbank. In a statement on Twitter, he said, “Lost for words. RIP Sam Fenech.”

“My heart goes out to Sam’s family, pit crew, friends, and supporters. Also wishing the cameraman a fast recovery too.”

How a Spaniel Is Saving Koalas

Max, an English springer spaniel, is helping save the koala population in NSW’s Northern Tablelands. He’s doing this by sniffing for their scat. Koala poo is an invaluable resource for conservationists as it can be used to calculate how many koalas live in a certain area. 

When Max attended a grazier named Teesh Wright’s property, she was pleased as punch.

“To have the dogs come in today and just reassure you that they really are here, and I mean the scats we’ve found are so exciting for all of us: It’s way more than I’d imagined,” said Wright.

“It just emphasises the importance of looking after this little icon, and hopefully we can make a difference by preserving it.”

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