One-Two Punch: How Boxing Benefits Your Body and Your Mental Health

Like the birds and the bees, it’s a fact of life that Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss actually invented boxing in the former’s Bad Blood music video.

Another commonly known fact about boxing? The fact that this sport gets your heart pounding, gets calories burning, and gets your muscles feeling sore — in the best way possible.

This is a feeling that the experts at 12RND relish in. And if you’re wondering what 12RND is, it’s boxing meets F45 — boxing and strength workouts, supported by a coach.

It’s ideal for beginners and for those with little-to-no boxing experience, like myself, who went and got their arse kicked (in the best way), in a class recently.

12RND will get you into fighting shape — pun intended — both physically and mentally. And if you’re wondering just how exactly boxing can change your mindset, read on, as they’ve laid it out in four different ways:

Boxing Benefit #1: It’s an opportunity to switch off

“Boxing requires you to fully concentrate on the task at hand. To box well, you need to be able to switch off from the outside world and be 100% focused. Boxing is fast, dynamic and above all, fun, leaving little room in your head for anything else.

When you’re on the bag, nothing else matters — you’re concentrating on getting the technique right, working up a sweat and getting through your reps!”

Boxing Benefit #2: It’s a phenomenal form of stress relief and stimulates endorphin production

“It’s not news that physical activity is a known stress-reducer, but the functionality of boxing takes that to a whole new level. When working out on the punching bag, your brain increases the production of endorphins, the neurotransmitters that create feel-good thoughts.

Punching helps to relieve muscle tension that can collect when you experience stress. As you continue to punch, you will find your focus is improved, increasing your concentration and helping you forget the reasons why you are stressed.

Boxing Benefit #3: It builds self-confidence as much as physical strength

“There’s something about hitting a bag as hard as you can that makes you feel like you can do, well, anything. It’s also not the easiest movement to pick up, so mastering the technique makes you feel all kinds of strong and empowered.

Not to mention the physical outputs of consistently boxing — a toned, strong and fit physique is bound to do wonders for your confidence too.”

Boxing Benefit #4: It can help you manage anger and overcome it

“Physically, hitting a punching bag produces a response in your body that helps to relieve tension. Boxing, especially in a group setting is a safe way to release tension or aggression without hurting yourself, or others, helping you to work through any negative feelings and effectively overcome them.”

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