Behold: Your Perfect Book Recommendation According to the Holiday You Should Be On Right Now


Since we’re all currently grounded, with borders closed and no definitive date as to when we may be able to board a flight overseas, we’re having to get creative with the ways we travel to new and faraway places in our minds.

Binge-watching TV shows set in stunning global locations and watching travel documentaries to help form our future travel bucket lists are two effective ways to feel far from home while sitting in joggers on the couch, but perhaps another way to experience a new place in our minds is by reading captivating stories set around the world.

Just like Normal People by Sally Rooney transported us to tiny pubs in Ireland and to a villa in Trieste, Italy, books have the ability to take your mind to some seriously beautiful places. And so with the help of Audible, we’ve compiled the ideal book recommendation for you based on the holiday you had planned to take in 2020.

If you had planned a romantic European summer…

Many look to escape the cold winter months with a long European sabbatical. This year, dreams of Italian beach escapes and Parisian summers were quashed with the announcement of the travel ban, that forced jetsetters to postpone or cancel their plans entirely.

For those seeking to escape to afternoon siestas, Aperol spritz with a view and ocean swims in crystal clear seas, might we suggest:

Almost French, by Sarah Turnbull, narrated by Caroline Lee
The High Mountains of Portugal, by Yann Martel, narrated by Mark Bramhall
The Pilgrimage, by Paulo Coelho, narrated by Sean Runnette

If a winter escape was on the cards…

While the ski season has been confirmed to go ahead in 2020, it’s unfortunate that with limited numbers on the slopes, not all will be able to go along. In addition to this, it’s likely that many had trips planned to visit winter wonderlands like New Zealand’s Queenstown. To help you live vicariously until the moment arises when you can make the trip for real, we suggest you get stuck into:

Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer, narrated by Philip Franklin
Wild, by Cheryl Strayed, narrated by Laurel Lefkow
Saga Land, written and narrated by Richard Fidler and Kári Gíslason

For backpackers hoping to find themselves…

Perhaps you’d planned something of a spiritual journey to find yourself overseas. Maybe you’d purchased a one-way ticket and had intended to spend a few months travelling around, visiting inspiring destinations, meeting new people, and prioritising your own wellness. To get your inspired and have you feeling like you’re doing just that, we’d recommend:

Eat, Pray, Love, written and narrated by Elizabeth Gilbert
My Indian Odyssey, written and narrated by Vincent Ebrahim
The Beach, by Alex Garland, narrated by Alfie Allen

For the road-trippers and adventure seekers…

If hiking long distances, camping in remote locations, and embarking on road trips through rugged terrain and remote towns was your plan, then you can live the same magic in the meantime with these wild recommendations:

Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, narrated by Philip Franklin
Stephen Fry in America, written and narrated by Stephen Fry
On the Road, by Jack Kerouac, narrated by Matt Dillon

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