Proceed With Caution: These Board Games Bring Out the Absolute Worst in You

Does it feel like board games are making a serious comeback? Maybe we’re just getting older, but they’re the key to livening up a dinner party and can help pass the time on family weekends away or big group trips. But proceed with caution — there’s no denying board games can reveal some pretty unlikeable traits in people you may not always expect. 

Below, we’ve rounded up the five that may or may not break your friendships. All in the name of fun, of course.


The rules: You know the drill. You make your way around a board littered with London streets and landmarks, and purchase properties in the hopes your pals will land on your squares and owe you all their money. Hotels come into play at some point to obliterate what’s left of the game.

Here’s a tip for you (easy to remember because the same rule applies to your real life): Never, ever trust the bank. If any of your friends too willingly shoot their hand up to manage the funds for every player in the entire game, it’s not because they’re good at maths — it’s because they’re planning to swipe $100 notes in half-hour instalments.

Coming in at a close second for the worst player in the game is the one who actually competes. There’s only ever really one person playing Monopoly to win, and you’ll absolutely end up hating them by the end of play, that is, if you don’t flip the board and call it a day before then. 


Cards Against Humanity

The rules: Each round reveals a new black card with a blank spot/spots designed to be filled in with the white cards in your hand. If you put forward the best answer determined by the person who drew the black card, then you get to keep it. The player with the most black cards at the end wins.   

Despite what the official rules would have you believe, the worst player in this game is not the one who ends up with the most cards — that person can only be considered hilarious and receives legend status for the rest of the evening. 

No, the worst player is the person who puts forward the unhinged hand. And not just once by accident. You’ll know it when you see it; you may even force a laugh out of pure awkwardness, but you close the round wondering if they have a conscious at all.

cards against humanity


The rules: In pairs, and depending where you are on the round board, you’ll take turns describing words to your partner from six different categories: Object, Nature, Random, Person, Action and World. You can’t say what the word starts with, what it sounds like, or use any part of the word in your description. The first team to make it back to the starting point wins. 

Nothing tests a couple’s compatibility quite like a game of Articulate. You’d think a shared history would aid in your ability to communicate a word before the sand timer runs out, but even old married couples crack at the hands of even the most mundane Objects. 

Unless you’re an ace communicator or care not for the glory of winning, then don’t be a schmuck and pair with your partner. Choose a friend instead. Your smartest, most level-headed, most articulate friend.