You Can Get an All Black PS5 If You Know Where to Look


Despite being undoubtedly the most anticipated new console release of — we’re calling it — all time, the reveal and release of the PS5 were not without criticism.

While the suite of games and the console’s revolutionary new features received nothing but praise, the design of the PlayStation 5 also had keen gamers talking, but for perhaps the wrong reasons.

Prior models embraced a more minimal design aesthetic that had been thought out as both sleek and compact to fit in seamlessly with a home’s existing tech, but the PS5 — with its white wing-like ‘shell’, contrasting interior unit and blue glow… Let’s just say ‘it’s a look’, and it wasn’t exactly popular.

Despite this, the limited run of consoles sold out all over the world in record time, and left people unwilling to pay $90,000 for a PlayStation 5 on the secondary market (yes, you read that right), eagerly joining waitlists and refreshing retailer sites every 20 minutes in the hopes of an imminent restock.

We’ve been doing exactly this, and while we’ve finally reached the ‘acceptance’ phase in the seven stages of grief — while mourning the ugly design and the impact it’ll have on our living rooms — we’ve now just been alerted to an all-black design that quite literally changes the game.


Third-party retailer SUP3R5 has announced it will be selling an all-black PS5, with nostalgic design elements that include the PlayStation logo in the brand’s original colours and with flashes of blue that are reminiscent of the PS2.

Exciting, yes, however only a mere 304 units will be available for purchase. While the product is not yet available on the site, pre-orders will be going live at 3:00 PM EST on January 8 (US time. Best to Google this to find the accurate time in your location).

Like all other PS5s, these too will sell out in record time, even with a higher price tag that accounts for the custom design. Instead of $749.95, SUP3R5’s black version will cost US $750 (AU $967.80). Still, it’s cheaper than you’d find it on a re-selling platform right now.

The second caveat: the custom design and casing does void the warranty on the PS5 controller, but not the console. Third, the PS5 will be shipped with a USA-compatible power plug, so you will need an adapter. And lastly, the product will not ship until around May or June. International shipping is available at an added cost.

It’s likely Sony will release its own official black version of the PS5, but for those who can’t wait, the custom console from SUP3R5 is a viable option, provided you move at lightning speed to score one.

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