Bitchcraft Embroidery Kits Help You DIY Profanity Pieces for Your Home


Bitchcraft is a small business owned by pals Katie and Kate. They met in a bar while travelling separately in Spain before the La Tomatina festival, and stayed in contact before both settling in Melbourne a few years later.

After one successful ‘stitch and bitch’ session with friends, Katie and Kate decided to let others in on their passion project with “Bitchcraft” sessions held in the pub. Alongside friends and like-minded people, they’d therapeutically stitch profanities for their attendees to display proudly in their homes.

While they’ve been operating via Zoom in these past few months in isolation, the team is excited to bring groups together once more when social distancing restrictions relax.


Bitchcraft classes are designed for people of all skill levels and all ages (though the use of course language would suggest anyone under `18 should perhaps look into something else for now) and the in-person sessions are designed to invoke a feeling of “calmness and achievement”.

Kate and Katie are able to design bespoke sessions for hens groups and special events and will bring all the information and tools necessary to work on the design of choice, be it a ‘Fuck Off’ cross-stitch or our favourite ‘Up Yours’ design (pictured above).

“Our classes are fun, approachable and definitely suitable for beginners. We’ll empower you with all the information and tools (in the kit) that you need to start your first project over a drink (or three),” their site reads.


Even better for those of us in other cities, the Bitchcraft kits are available to purchase online, starting from $8 for a pattern-only and climbing to $65 and $75 for an all-inclusive kit with everything one needs, from coloured thread and an embroidery hoop, to re-create the profane magic at home.

Browse Bitchcraft’s collection now and keep an eye out for the next in-person session to join.

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