Following Netflix’s Cue, Binge Is Introducing an Ad-Supported Subscription Tier

Binge ad tier

Following the introduction of Netflix’s entry-level ad tier, Binge announced in October last year it was launching its own version. And this week, the streaming platform shared the date the tier would drop: Thursday, March 30.

From then, Binge users will be able to opt for a Basic subscription, which will set them back $10 per month and will have up to four minutes of ads an hour. This tier will also let you stream in HD.

Different to Netflix which launched its ad tier as a new one, Binge is repurposing its Basic plan to become its cheapest ad-supported tier. It’ll be one of its three tiers, which also include Binge Standard and Premium, both ad-free.

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Ahead of the tier launch, Binge outlined in its Help section how the tier would work. It explained ads won’t be shown on Movies or Kids content and that when the tier launches, you can expect to see a few minutes of ads per hour of on-demand content viewed, though that’ll depend on the type of content you’re watching. It added that the Binge Basic with ads tier will continue to evolve.

As for if you’ll be stuck watching the same ad over and over, Binge says no, it has systems in place to ensure you’ll only see a particular ad once per hour, and up to three times per day.

“On occasion, ads may be targeted based on IP address geolocation, or your device type,” the Help page reads. “We do not target ads using any other customer data.”

Back in November, Netflix announced an update managing the number of people using an account. The small but significant change is a feature called ‘Managing Access and Devices’, available in your account settings on the platform.

Launched November 15, it’ll let you see all the devices that currently have access to your account — and let you log them out with one click.

“With the busy holiday season just around the corner, many of our members will be on the move and watching Netflix wherever they are travelling to see family and friends,” Netflix wrote in a blog post. “Logging in to your account while at a hotel or even your friend’s house is easy and intuitive, but occasionally people forget to log out.”

The streaming service says the feature was much-requested and that it’ll help members manage their account security.

Netflix did already have a feature called ‘Sign out of all devices’, which would let you boot anyone logged in out, but with the new ‘Manage and access devices’, you’ll be able to see exactly who is currently signed into it before you do. You’ll also be able to boot people off your account individually, rather than signing everyone out.

Only time will tell when Binge introduces its own version.

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