Big W Drops a New Range of Pet Accessories to Pamper Your Pooch


Your doggo has been here for you every day of isolation, offering endless love, a warm cuddle, and a reason to go for a walk in the sunshine each day. According to new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, time spent with our pets is up 32% for 18–64-year-old’s as a result of lockdown measures from early April to early May.

They deserve so much more than the occasional treat for all that they have selflessly given us in this time, which is why Big W has released a new range of cosy pet wear, snacks and accessories — to help us show our thanks.

The new drop comes just in time for winter, when your furry friend is sure to feel the effects of the cold chill during walkies. The budget store has a vast new range in the way of ‘pet wear’, including knitted puppy jumpers starting from just $9. For the pooches with shorter coats, there’s even a fluff-lined coat for $15.

Big W puppy jackets, starting from $9. Big W

To ensure they’re not ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go’, Big W has included a new range of pet beds and cosy teepees in the collection.

The Brilliant Basics teepee, available in grey and a fun polkadot print, is just $39. It’s easily assembled and makes for a perfect little dwelling for both cats and dogs with a cushioned mat for napping comfort.

For the pets that need a little extra cushion, the Perfect Pet Bolstered pet bed, $15, is ideal for small to medium-sized companions. Featuring an all-over print, non-slip base and a padded rim, your best friend will love curling up here. The same bed design, but in a larger size, is also available right now at the clearance price of $12.50.

Tails soft round comfy bed, $20. Big W

Come time to reward them with a treat, Big W has included a bunch of tasty snacks, too. Grab a five-pack of Bow Wow’s “gourmet” pigs ears for $11.50, Shmackos Strapz for $7.50, and 15kg bags of Chum dry dog food for $19.

Big W’s pet range is available to shop in stores and online now. Prices start from $2.

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