Why the Heck Did Google Stan the Big Mango?

Spicy Take Alert: Bowen’s Big Mango is the most underrated big thing in Australia. It’s more classy than the Big Prawn. It’s more handsome than the Big Merino. And unlike the Big Potato, it’s not a dreadfully painted boulder. 

What’s more, on May 25,  the Big Mango went a tad viral. This is because the Big Mango had its 21st birthday and was featured on Google’s homepage. Like many icon’s before it, the Big Mango had been “Doodled” into Google’s icon seminal logo. 

Google’s Big Mango Doodle
Image: Alphabet

In a statement from May 25, Google’s Camilla Ibrahim said, “Australia’s love for mangoes is pulpable, so we are delighted to celebrate the Big Mango in today’s Google Doodle.”

The Search Communications Manager then continued by noting: “As Aussies see this artwork on Search today, we hope it’s a reminder not just that Bowen’s Big Mango itself is ripe for a visit but of Australia’s wonderful local produce.”

Now, while this is all very hype, we can’t let Google have all the fun. ‘Cause I too want to commemorate this chungus of a mango. So here are a whack of Big Mango deets you should know.

The History of the Big Mango

The Big Mango
Image: Bowen Tourism

On May 25 of 2002, the Big Mango made its debut. This Queensland structure is ten metres tall, made from five tonnes of fibreglass, and sits next to Bowen’s Tourist Info Centre.

But why was the Big Mango made in the first place? Well, it’s an ode to the Kensington Pride, a type of mango. This variety is a staple of the Bowen region. 

However, the history of the Big Mango hasn’t always been a chill vibe. In 2014, it was temporarily ‘stolen’ by Nando’s as a part of a publicity stunt. Nando’s did this stunt to promote a new mango chutney. 

And since being returned, the Big Mango has been estimated to attract around 80,000 people a year. Additionally, over the course of its life, an estimated 1.5 million people have had their photo taken in front of it.

As of May 26, Google’s Big Mango artwork is no longer featured on its homepage. But fortunately, this pic has been archived. If you want to enjoy it, and scroll through some mint concept art, then click the snazzy link here.

Google’s Big Mango model
Image: Alphabet

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