Inside Big Brother’s Final Twist: The White Room

Big Brother

After Casey Mazzucchelli’s exit on Tuesday night, Big Brother revealed the biggest twist yet.

While we’re already at the pointy end of the competition with only two weeks left to go, a new room has been introduced. The White Room.

Not much information was given by the man himself, just a glimpse of a room that is all white, with red buzzers.

However, if you’re a Big Brother superfan, then you may recall this particular twist was used by Network Ten in season seven, 2007.

If you can’t remember back that far, here’s a bit of information to refresh your memory.

☆ Gretel Killeen was still host

☆ Aleisha Cowcher won

☆ Zach Douglas was runner-up

☆ The house was given an “eco-friendly” makeover and according to the Sydney Morning Herald at the time, the series sold itself on “green credentials”.

“The house features a pedal-powered washing machine, rubber garden turf made from recycled car tires and goat hair carpets. Because of level-five water restrictions in Queensland, housemates will have four-minute showers each day.”

However, the biggest difference that year was the reveal of the “wildcard housemates”.

2007 saw four contestants compete to gain entry as a “wildcard” into the house after the initial housemates had been chosen.

To gain entry into the house, they had to endure challenges in, you guessed it — The White Room.

If the original premise of this room is anything to go by, we could have more information about the 2020 version than we first thought.

The White Room was a special psychological endurance competition and has appeared in Big Brother TV series’ all over the world.

While it has served different purposes for each country, the room has always had the same theme. Endurance.

In the wildcard entry in 2007, the purpose was to see who which of the four entrants could endure the most of what was thrown at them, seeing who could stay the longest and thus going into the actual house.

As the days progressed, Big Brother would give temptations, even offering them the lure of money. If they couldn’t hack it, they could press the red buzzer and leave.

While we’re not 100% sure what this means for the current housemates, we’re pretty sure Big Brother has something huge up his sleeve.

So, the top six better get their head in the game, after all, there’s $250k on the line.

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