Ladies, This Is Where You Can Buy All the Sweet Kicks Normally Reserved for Men


You know those limited-edition sneakers people line up around the block overnight to get their hands on? Well, for the most part, they all come in unisex sizing; it’s just that most shoe stores here in Australia opt for the ‘shrink it and pink it’ approach and eschew the chance to stock ‘out-there’ models in small sizing.

Check the walls lining the women’s section of any major shoe chains here and you’ll find an array of petite silhouettes in varying shades of pink and purple. This is fine, but it certainly feels like female sneakerheads are missing out on the same footwear ops as fashion-forward men.

Until the Australian market expands its offering in this space, we’ll be forced to look overseas to fulfill our rare sneaker needs. Thankfully, we’ve found a pretty epic sneaker boutique store based out of Europe with everything we could ever want.

Introducing Naked, a Copenhagen-based retailer established in 2004 with the mission to “supply girls with sneakers”.

“Naked focuses solely on catering to and meeting the unique needs of female consumers. As a part of Naked’s DNA, we strive to empower girls in a usually male-dominated industry,” the store’s ‘about’ page reads.

The appetite for limited-edition kicks has allowed the brand to expand with three separate shops and an online store of sneakers and apparel that ships worldwide.

From consistently cool styles to limited-edition drops from brands like Nike, Adidas x Yeezy, New Balance and more, you can find just about anything here, and at prices consistent with the original value.

Right now, you could purchase a coveted pair of new release Nike x Off White kicks for $207. The shoes, which have sold out in men’s sizing just about everywhere, are currently being re-sold for four times that amount.

Next time you’re looking for a pair of unique sneakers, check out the Naked online store. Proceed with caution, though — your cart will fill up fast once you begin browsing.