Make Your House (or Let’s Be Real, Apartment) a Home With These 7 Cute Art Pieces

Best Wall Art

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Three things can make a house feel like a home — décor wise, at least. Furniture, their placement and wall art. When this holy trinity of choices magically comes together, your space feels like elevated luxury, regardless of aesthetic. A serial Pinner’s dream.

But often trying to source unique and stand out wall art can be tricky. So in order to effectively bring your walls to life, we’ve found a number of art pieces that will suit your minimalist oasis or maximalist palace. Use these picks as a standalone artwork or the final piece of your personal gallery.

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Lush Garden

Image: Gussy Dup

Instantly brighten up your space with the Lush Garden Art Print (from $70) from Gussy Dup. The solid colours appear to be roughly painted/crayon scribbled and accentuated with a chalk-like outline. It’s playful and floral — definitely a piece that can sit on its own above your lounge or buffet.

Olive Jar

Image: Gussy Dup

The composition of this Olive Jar Art Print (from $70) gives Andy Warhol vibes. The solid purple against the patches of green gives the piece a calming effect. A good work to look at after a busy day on the tools (or typing at a keyboard). This depiction of deliciousness is a great addition to your working from home office space.

Papaya Party

Papaya Party Art print Best Wall Art
Image: Gussy Dup

Illustrated by artist, Lucie Green, this work is inspired by her daily life. And we’re thinking that she lives an incredibly healthy or fruitful day-to-day. Green uses the curved silhouettes of each fruit to create a sense of movement across her Papaya Party (from $70) piece. Try this print in your dining room or kitchen for balanced eating motivation.

High Five

Image: Gussy Dup

If your space playfully combines hints of retro and modern, this quirky ‘High Five’ Art Print is up your (aesthetic) alley. Similar to the Olive Jar you’ll notice the use of complimentary colours — blue and orange — to create a calming and almost “cooling” work. We suggest placing it in a children’s bedroom or even amongst your collection of other poster style wall art.

‘Make Your Boots Hard to Fill’

Image: Gussy Dup

Subtle motivation mixed with retro-inspired surrealism, the ‘Make Your Boots Hard to Fill’ Art Print (from $70) is an eccentric but delightful piece for your collection. Best placed in an area that you walk by each morning before heading out the door for a positive start to the day.


Image: Gussy Dup, Left: Walkerville Art Print Right: Amalfi Art Print

Giving off strong “Kauai” by Childish Gambino energy, Gussy Dup’s Amalfi Wall Art (from $70) uses a cool-toned palette to create décor reminiscent of a coastal Italian summer.

‘Sundays at Lola’s House’

Sundays At Lola's House Art print Best Wall Art
Credit: Gussy Dup

Best for a minimalist backdrop of plain-coloured furniture or a go-big-or-go-home decorated space, Marianne Angeli Rodriguez’s ‘Sundays at Lola’s House’ (from $70) tells a colourful story of growing up in a Filipino household. Overlapping patterns and the use of foods as botanical shapes gives the work a sense of movement. Place this in your entry way to signify to your guests that your household is the place to be (but not too often, of course).

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