These TV Shows Have Influenced What Our Home Interiors Look Like the Most


It would seem we’re not getting interior inspiration from renovation and interior design programs, but rather osmotically and somewhat unknowingly through the TV shows we binge for fun and entertainment.

A new study has come out out of the UK to determine the most influential TV shows for décor and design inspiration. Money.com.uk analysed the global Google searches in the past year around the interiors relating to a number of popular shows.

In its research, The Brady Bunch was found to be the most influential when it came to décor, clocking in 8,090 annual searches. Perhaps somewhat surprising, but the Mid-Century interior trend has never really dropped off in popularity, which may explain why the show landed in first place on this list.

The Brady Bunch

Coming in second is Mad Men with 6,040 searches. The award-winning show spans over a decade, from 1960 to 1970. Again, the Mid-Century trend takes centre stage in this show with dark mahogany furniture, rich black leather, wood panelling, gold and orange accents and that sunken lounge featuring heavily in the show.

Perhaps most notable is the bar cart. Positioned in every office in the show, the bar cart resurgence in real life could well be thanks to Don Draper and his habit of drinking on the job.

Mad Men

Taking a different aesthetic approach was Downton Abbey at number three. The post-Edwardian style isn’t for everyone, but with 5,570 searches, it’s certainly popular with interior obsessives.

When it comes to implementing the style in your place, it pays to think grand. Layered rugs in rich reds, velvet sitting chairs, damask wallpaper, chandeliers, and portrait gallery walls are just the beginning.

Downton Abbey

Other notable shows that the data finds to be an influence on our interior design choices include Sex and the City (4,690), Friends, (4,680), The Office (1,440), Emily In Paris (1,170), and Gossip Girl (1,120).

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