Peek Inside These Stunning Tiny Cabins, the Only Ones of Their Kind


Tiny homes are trending. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a boom of tiny homes offered as accommodation, as well as a rise in residential tiny homes for those looking to downsize and live more simply. Even billionaire Elon Musk himself recently tweeted that he, his former-partner Grimes, and their baby had moved into a tiny home.

Image: Hello Wood

And while most tiny homes do look pretty much the same in terms of layout and look, one, in particular, stands out: the WorkStation by Hello Wood Studio. But don’t just take our word for it — take the German Design Council’s. This week, the tiny cabin was named one of the winners of the group’s Iconic Awards 2021, which recognises the most innovative and sustainable buildings in the world.

When designing the cabin, the Hello Wood team said they aimed to create a space that, despite its 8 sqm size, was still very liveable and comfortable, and also highly functional.

Image: Hello Wood

From the start of its design, the team said they believed the cabin would inspire future owners to implement their own ideas within it.

“Thanks to the product development that reflects the needs of customers, the ready-to-assemble version of our futuristic capsule can now be delivered beyond Europe, too. Based on this year’s results, our numbered design product will be able to be built in nearly a hundred locations in 2022,” says András Huszár, CEO of Hello Wood.

Image: Hello Wood

All WorkStation cabins have heat and sound-insulated walls and can easily be setup or taken apart, so they could work on an empty plot, on the waterfront, at the end of a garden or in the yard of an office building — or even inside it.

The first WorkStation cabins were designed to be comfortable meeting and working rooms for up to six people. The cabins then evolved to have GameStation versions, complete with a cushioned nook for kids to play video games or watch movies in.

Image: Hello Wood

Today, the cabins are also used as accommodation, with several set up in the Hungarian countryside.

Next for HelloWood are metal-covered, futuristic CyberStation and SaunaStation cabins, the latter of which, like its name suggests, are outdoor saunas. Dreamy. And as for when we get these cabins in Australia, here’s to hoping it’s soon.

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