Sydney Hospo Merch You’ll Love to Wear

Sydney restaurant merch

Restaurant, bar and café merchandise — like caps, tees and tote bags with the venue’s logo emblazoned on it — let you show your loyalty and support. It might be a neighbourhood café you frequent every morning. The restaurant you go to for every special occasion. Or a pub you’ve been going to for the last decade.

“Wearing a restaurant T-shirt is akin to wearing a band tee to signal your identity,” The Guardian wrote in 2021. Forbes said in 2022: “Branded merchandise also gives consumers an extra way to vote with their dollars”.

Fortunately for Sydneysiders loyal to their venues, many have merch they can wear. Bondi Tony’s in Bondi has hoodies, crew neck jumpers and trucker hats. Butter Sydney has tees. Even the Sydney Opera House has merch.

But not all Sydney restaurant merch is created equal. Some have better designs and are more comfortable. Ahead, we round up some of those Sydney restaurant merch.

Butter Sydney

Surry Hills restaurant Butter Sydney is known for its fried chicken and hip hop, but in winter, it also serves ramen as part of its Butter Ramen Club. The special menu item has a $55 tee dedicated to it, reading “Slurpreme” in red across the chest. It’s available in black and white, and you can buy it at the restaurant or online.

Butter Sydney Ramen shirt

Yulli’s Brews

Yulli’s is a brewery, bar and bottle-o in Alexandria. On the merch front, the brewery sells online and in-store cotton socks for $17 a pair, playing cards for $10 a pack and a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle that’ll set you back $47. It’s also got a heavy-duty rubber mat you can put outside your front door that comes in black and white or green and yellow.

Yullis restaurant merch

Good Ways Deli

Good Ways Deli is a sandwich shop with locations in Redfern and Alexandria. Its merch includes a $110 GWD collared green button-up shirt, a $60 cotton tote with an internal pocket, bottle holder and metal key ring loop and a $25 mug. The shop also has black branded thermal keep cups that come in size small and medium, from $35.

Good Ways Deli

The Grounds

The Grounds of Alexandria is a destination venue, with queues upwards of an hour on weekends to get a table. The venue has since branched into two other locations: in the CBD and South Eveleigh. The brand sells its own coffee, gifts and tea, and branded merch like an insulated travel cup for $35, faux leather notebook for $15 and black cotton tee with a logo on the front top right and running across the back.

The Grounds tee sydney restaurant merch

Reuben Hills

Reuben Hills is an industrial-chic café with a South American menu and coffee with beans from Ethiopia, Peru and Brazil. The venue sells filter coffee, beans and gear for making coffee at home, like an aeropress, paper filters and ceramic mug. It also sells branded, clear reusable cups and two styles of cotton tees for $35 a pop.

Reuben Hills tee sydney restaurant merch

Lox in a Box

Lox in a Box is a bagel shop in Bondi, Coogee, Manly and Marrickville. Its merch includes white caps with a pelican logo on the front and shop logo at the back for $45, logo socks for $25 and a tote bag for $50. It also has white tees, Trailer T-Shirt for $40 and Corner Deli T-Shirt for $45, and hoodies, Trailer Hoodie and Labour of Love Hoodie, both $75.

Lox in a Box tshirt

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