These Are the Best Summer Pyjamas for Men and Women

Along with the warm summer days comes warm summer nights, which means it’s probably time to swap out your flannel pyjama set for something a little more weather-appropriate. Shopping for pj’s that you actually like can be tricky, as comfort and quality are the keys to staying comfortable all night long. Thankfully, there are a number of great brands ready to fit the bill, and all of them look good enough that you’ll want to laze around in them all morning long. 

Below you’ll find a full list of options for men and women alike. You’ll want to lounge around in these all day, we guarantee it. 

Summer pyjamas for women

Dream States

This brand, launched by Melbourne local Eugenie Meeker, is providing high-quality sleepwear at a price that’s good for the environment. “Through a desire to bring about change to the fashion industry Dream States exists to encourage people to invest in long-lasting high quality pieces that are kind to the environment, having minimal impact and long wear.” Made of high-quality hemp linen, you could easily get away with wearing these out of the house as well. 



Homebodii started in 2012 as a brand selling high-quality and beautiful bridal robes. Since then, the brand has expanded to sleepwear as well. The brand’s elegant satin rompers give a new meaning to pyjamas, and the sets are playful iterations of the classics. Homebodii also offers personalisation, so you can make your pyjamas one-of-a-kind.


Cat’s Pyjamas

Made at the brand’s atelier in the ACT, these luxury pyjamas are ethically made and dedicated to the beauty of handmade production.  We love the range of fun prints, and the different styles mean that there’s something for everyone. A little retro, the tank tops and pyjama sets will become your new favourites this summer.

Cat's Pyjamas

Summer pyjamas for men

Calvin Klein

A classic never gets old and that’s definitely the case when it comes to Calvin Klein’s sleepwear selection. Just as comfortable as your favourite CK underwear and singlets, Calvin Klein’s pj’s are among the best. Better yet, the brand sells short sets, so you can ditch those winter pyjama pants this season. 

The Iconic/Calvin Klein

Sant and Abel

If you ever wish that men’s pyjamas were a little more fun, you’re in luck. Sydney brand Sant and Abel’s 100% cotton sleepwear comes in as many cool prints for men as it does for women. With a huge variety of shirts, pants and shorts to choose from, you can mix and match to create the perfect combo. If there’s ever a time to wear loud prints on your sleepwear, it’s definitely summer.

Sant and Abel

Paul Smith

If you already love the famous British designer, you’re in luck: Paul Smith’s pyjamas are some of the best. With the brand’s signature eclecticism, the styles both look and feel great. Whether you’re after a robe to throw on in the morning, or a full silk pyjama set, Paul Smith has got your back. 

Paul Smith