Editor’s Picks: The Must-Have Items You Need This Summer

Australia is best enjoyed in the summertime. From our gorgeous coastlines, balmy evenings, and luscious beaches, you can’t beat this time of year.

To help ensure you get even more out of this summer, we asked our team what must-have items they can’t do summer without to make this your best summer yet. Here’s what they had to say:

One From All of Us

There’s nothing worse than arriving at the beach or pool and finding out your summer essentials are damaged. Whether it be a tear in a beach tent or a hole in an oh-so-fantastic inflatable pool toy*, often this means you can say adios to your beloved item and your summertime plans. Well, that was before because now thanks to Selleys Storm Waterproof Tape ($19), you can easily fix any tear or leak in an instant. Providing an airtight seal for up to 48 hours, you’ll be ready for anything summer throws at you!

Amanda Bardas — Publisher

“I’m not going away this summer, but I plan on spending long days at the beach — which is impossible without some proper sun protection. I’ll be adding this beach tent to my summer wish list, so I can enjoy holiday vibes while staying in Sydney. All I need is an Esky full of frozen fruits, seltzers, and a stack of good reads.”

Stay sun safe with Amanda’s beach tent.

Valentina Todoroska — Managing Editor

“Last year I used a voucher I got for Christmas to buy a beach umbrella and it was one of the best purchases I made. I’ve always admired the chic people on the beach who sit under a stylish beach umbrella. To hold onto summer holidays, I decided I’d try and become one of those people.

“Not only does a fun beach umbrella look great on the sand, but it also offers more sun protection during a day out when you’re dipping in and out of the water.”

Look uber sand-chic with your own beach umbrella here.

Sangeeta Kocharekar — Lifestyle Editor

“A flattering bikini or one-piece is essential for summer. I like that this bikini is in a classic shape and pattern that won’t date. Or high-waisted linen pants are also my must-haves for summer. I’ve been wearing them constantly already, paired with a summery, cropped top. They seriously go with everything.”

Shop Sangeeta’s timeless bikini here and her high-waisted pants here.

Joel Burrows — Culture Producer

“I’m a big fan of ice cube makers in summer that make massive cubes. Because if I’m melting, I’m melting in style.”

Want to play a big (ice cube) game this summer? Check out Joel’s must-have here.

Ruby Feneley — Beauty Producer

“Dua Lipa spent her American/European summer wearing sheer beach coverups and waist chains and now I will be wearing sheer beach cover-ups and waist chains too. I am very fair so am a 5pm beach-then-bar girl so these black Michael Costello ‘coverups’ are perfect, and with a plain black bikini serve cute Y2K/cybergoth at the beach vibes. Waist chains are extremely optional and severely impractical, I’ll do it so you don’t have to.”

Check out Dua Lipa’s style with her cover-ups and waist chains here.

Natasha Bazika — Lifestyle Producer

“I feel like a kid, but I love snow cones in summer. I make my own syrups.”

Make it snow this summer with Natasha’s snow cone maker.

Dominique Birouste — Branded Content Editor

“I think this applies year-round, but my must-have this (and every) summer is good sunscreen. In my teens and early twenties, you’d often hear me say ‘I don’t burn I tan,’ but I soon came to my senses, and I wear sunscreen every day.”

Save face and check out the sunscreen Dominique swears by here.

Laura Roscioli — Lifestyle Producer 

“Every summer I always make sure I have a pair of comfy and practical footwear that I can wear to the beach, brunch, and a party — all summer long. This year, I’m eyeing these chunky slides from Alias Mae x Hommey. They’re chic, trendy and with a pop of colour — plus they look so pillowy soft.”

Check out Laura’s summer shoes here.

With all that, it sounds like you’re ready to enjoy the upcoming summer.

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*Disclaimer: Selleys Storm Waterproof Tape is not suitable for safety critical applications or safety devices underwater.